About acount recovery

I heard that people can’t get their account if they dont send the message through the email they used to log in to googleplay or applestore. However, since i used qooapp to download fgo and i used a guest account, can i still get my account back? Or does it only applied to those who download through google play or apple store? Many thanks

I too downloaded it from the internet, but when i sent them an email from my main email account that shouldnt be related to the game in any way they gave me a recovery code in like 2-3 days
So, youll be fine i guess

You need to prove that you are the owner.
You need to pass their verification process by providing exact details of your account.
You can follow the guide provided by Psi to give out the most details. Email used is not a big factor, just be honest and try to recall as much as you can.