About Archuria and what's coming next

Hello there!

Sorry to bother you with questions someone probably already asked, however, I’m a bit confused right now.

At the moment, I have 8 SSR : OG Saber, Tamamo Caster, Vlad, Jeanne, Xuanzang, Kiara, Nightingale and Karna (RIP me), and I have like 360SQ and 60 tickets.

I found out that I am quite into Art teams, so I was wondering a few things:

  • Is it worth rolling for Archuria while I already have Chloe ? Last year, I used all my resources to get her (like 300SQ and 60 tickets as well) and never saw her. (it was quite the disappoitment tbh). I really appreciate her NP spam, but I probably won’t get her NP2, and I don’t know if she’s worth over Chloe at NP1. To be honest, I am not much of a fan of Chloe’s skill, being active only one turn out of five.

  • Are there servants coming up soon after this summer that fits well into Art teams? I checked on the internet, and to me, it seems there is nothing really interesting before new year,.

  • I am not particularly interested in Merlin nor Waver, since every friend has one or the other, but I was wondering if it may be worth to save up my quartz for future banners comming in a long time, like Skadi or something (while I still have no Quick servant).

Thank you for any help, and sorry for the long post.
May the gatcha luck be with you!

  1. Chloe can’t refund NP quite as well as Summer Artoria, so they don’t quite have the same roles. If you really want Summer Artoria, or you really want that sweet NP refund, then I’d say go for it. Summer Artoria comes back next year during a DL campaign, so you still have another chance at getting her if you decide not to get her this year.
  2. Sherlock is a pretty good arts DPS/support hybrid. Others that I can think of are Summer Nitocris, Hokusai, and sitting furiously EX man aka Munenori.
  3. Skadi is probably going to be the new “caster that every friend support has,” so if you’re fine without your own Merlin or Waver, I think the same could be applied to Skadi.

Archuria and Kuro have similar damage amounts. Once you hit NP2 for Arch she’s much better than Redman(Loli). Stil, at NP1 they’re pretty similar imo.
Projection and Summer Splash are 2 different skills. Projection is used for a burst turn, while SS is for increasing Arch’s consistency.
Yeah, there’s no real good arts servants from this year. There’s Muneori I guess? I’d advise you to save for Hokusai/Anastasia lol. Sherlock is cool and hot but he’s insanely niche. (He’s still kinda good outside of it though lol)
If you don’t have a Quick servant, I’d advise not to roll for Skadi? She’s amazing at optimizing farming but you either need MLB Kscope and or a NP2 servant with like, 10 hits on their NP.


Skadi is only broken in Double Skadi. Outside of it she’s essentially Quick Tamamo. Good, but not amazing, and can be replaced by Waver in most situations. You really need 2 of her if you want to do really broken stuff.

Isn’t that only true if they have a quick servant with high hit counts that can use her buffs (ex. Dantes)? OP doesn’t have a quick DPS servant so even with their own Skadi, they can’t really double Skadi meme team effectively. (I guess they can always get one between now and in a year)

Yeah that’s kinda true*. If OP doesn’t want to roll for Lancelot/Dantes/Archer Cat they shouldn’t roll Skadi,but if they do then OP absolutely needs to have a Skadi to do effective work.

*Astolfo barely makes the cut due to his 50% charge

Archuria is way better than Chloe on practice, even at NP1 Archuria spams her NP way more frequently and she can stall NPs which is really sinergistic with Tamamo’s antics. The downside is that her NP drain is probability based, but you will spamming that Excalibur a lot. The only 4* Arts Archer that offers something similar is Emiya Alter, he can’t spam his NP as much as Archuria but i think his NP drain is guaranteed everytime he fires it (Unlimited Lost Works has a pretty cool animation btw).

The only reason why i wouldn’t recommend rolling for Archuria is that you can find one at NP2 on your friendlist, since you have Tamamo you can do the awesoma Tamamo+Mash(or Jeanne) with a support Archuria.

This takes me to my next point, rolling for the supports is great for F2Ps because they are staples and you can pick whathever DPS from friendlist. It’s really practical, everyone has them for a reason (you don’t have to pick them unless you are doing Skady’s bs).

Everything else has been touched already. I will only say that the servants for Skadi system are Parvati, Valkyrie, Zerkerlot, Atalante and Dantes . Another thing is that the system also works for boss killing with some ST servants like Kintoki Rider, Jack, MHX Alter, Melt and Kama.

As for powerful Arts servants, there’s also Lanling and Beni-enma but that’s a long wait.

  • Even at NP1, she’s worth. You only need to slap an NP+ CE and you’re done.
    art up ? check
    atk up ? check
    def up ? check
    I’ll not even think about np drain with heal skill, because usually she’s with tamamo / jeanne / merlin so …
    Keep in mind that she’s not burst dmg, spam NP / support servant.

  • Sherlock & Munenori, i should also remind you the free SR ticket ( so you may add Saberlot, Demiya, Nito, Emiya Assasin, Li Shuwen i guess).

  • Personally i think the only support servant which is a must it’s Waver; Merlin/Tamamo/Skadi will be on support list so …

don’t forget hokusai too,she is great(for art teams)

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For new arts servants—

Well, you have Kiara. She’s a big one.

• Assassin Nito (decent NP looper)
• Abby (glue her to Tamamo: she gets a lot better)
• Hokusai (THE Arts servant for the near future)
• Holmes (more for Arts crit)
• Munenori (less offensive Saberlot with better survivabilty + team utility)
• Scheherazade (admittedly, not very good right now)
• Circe (Buster NP, whatever; see Abby. Also good in Charmlock setups with Euryale)
• Sheba (Buster/Arts, crit servant)

We don’t get too many 5* servants—Kiara, Holmes, and Hokusai are the big 3 for Arts teams this year.

I really do suggest rolling for Merlin. It’s nice to have your own—and then you have a lot more flexibility in grabbing a DPS from your friend list.

Thanks a lot for all your answers, it is much appreciated!