About Archuria Banner

Hi, this is my first time in FGO Forum (and my First Summer in FGO too), i’m curious about Archuria Banner. When her next rate-up , if i skip her this summer? Is there a chance she will appear in Summer next year?

Hi !if you miss here then she still has one last rate up

next year in august


Oh, thanks! Actually, i’m thinking about rolling UmU Caster to strengthening my Cavalry Class(ehem, need NitoSummer for Assassin). Could you tell me what’s your opinion about Marie and Martha Summer?

if we are talking gameplay-wise then martha is good but marie is meh
Another problem with martha is that we will get quetz samba next year and she is arguably better than martha

and as i said ,marie is meeeh,not bad,but not good too ,she can work as a crit support tho

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I guess it’s Vive la Meeeh then.

THAT’S. uh… Good or Bad News?

Okay, i know what to do now, guess Archuria is the main reason of this banner. Thanks a lot!

Martha is in theory a good Servant. The issue is that if you like to rely on class advantage, which many do, you never really end up fielding her very often as she is hardly ever the top Servant choice.

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Actually, i already have ruler servant.

Oh, i get it. But, when you talk about Martha good in theory, i’m more curious to know about her now… :frowning:

NP Charge, niche steroid, high base offenses, gorilla deck, spammable healing with buff immunity, in short, plenty of stuff to synergize with in a team setting.

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Oh, that’s a good thing to know. Okay then, thank you. Now, i have a clear direction if at least, i have one of them. But still, Archuria is my LOCK ON!

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Yeah I highly recommend rolling on the Archuria/Ruler Martha Split Banner. (Not the one that also has caster Marie, who is garbage.)

Ruler Martha will fill almost every ST gap in your roster so she’s invaluable as a new player.

She also has the ability to DEMOLISH Divine Berserkers, and is great on mixed nodes, especially with a divine boss. She took out Cu Alter in a single turn in the memorial quest lol.

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Martha is beautiful and will save you ass as a solid servant that can take a hit and deal good damage. especially if her 3rd skill active