About "Bells of Absolution" material

How many will we get for doing LB6.1?

For NA on July’s exchange ticket we should get 31 of them and through Pure Prisms we can get another 100, my target next year, Barghest, wants 180 of them, normally.I would just save all of it for her but Castoria’s Append 2 wants 72 of them.

Depending on how many we get I could delay 1 skill for Barg in favor of it, but I don’t want to be below 120 bells for her.

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According to the compendium, only 19 from Part 1, but you’ll be able to get 95 more leading up to and including Part 2


That is rough, but I’ll wait then.

Although I’m curious how did people max 1 skill of hers back then… I was pretty sure there were enough bells for 1 skill.

Are you sure the skill was maxed?

This video is from Nerofest 2021, which happened right after 6.1 release.

Morgan, Melusine and Sith also couldn’t be maxed by this point either.

NeroFest gives 60, enough for one skill


We can get at least 31 (daily exchange tickets this month) + 100 (pure prisms) + 114 (between LB6 and Nerofest). Hopefully we’ll get more bells in event shops just like how we had the LB5.5 material in summer rerun, or more daily tickets in the future.

My current goal is to get enough for 1 Castoria append (72), 2 Melusine skills (144) and max Oberon (55), so I’d need to farm 26 bells if we’re not getting any more until Oberon releases.