About Blaze...too much overrated?

Ok, this is something that is puzzling me.

From Gamepress Arknights Blaze review:


She can make the game too easy.

Okay, now i would kindly like an explaination, because not even a monster like Ch’en has that kind of praises.

I mean, when you write a review of an operator and list on her “downside” that “She can make the game too easy.”

…well. That’s in my book is plain and simple being biased and full of adulation toward your favourite operator.

But i’m not closed minded. Maybe it’s me who do not understand how “great” is Blaze.

So, can someone explain me why Blaze can make the game too easy, while others like Ch’en, Schwarz, etc etc… can not ? I’m willing to change opinion, if solid reason is given.

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I don’t know about Blaze, she does look quite strong.

They also wrote that about SilverAsh though, and for him, I’d say it’s true.
Can’t imagine Blaze is on par with him, but maybe I’m wrong.

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In Ch’en’s case her maximum efficiency comes from Masteries which are incredibly difficult to obtain.

Schwarz, while being extremely powerful has the disadvantage of being tricky to position to maximize her target range, especially when running Final Tactics on an awkward map that doesn’t favor it.

Blaze meanwhile has access to numerous buffs that massively boost her DPS potential, with practically no demerits to them. She sacrifices very little if any for what she does, and like SilverAsh is more or less a one size fits all for maps.


Short answer: Gamepress reviews are a meme. Don’t read too much into it. Personally, I’d say Ch’en is definitely below Blaze in terms of pure DPS, but offers more variety in terms of tactical advantages and uses.
Schwarz is a boss killer and much more niche. Can’t compare em.

Long Answer

Long answer: Ch’en and Blaze can’t really be compared.

Ch’en is in her own unique archetype, and her S2 and S3 both offers different utility.
Ch’en S2 can be used to clear air units, and is one of the strongest, quick charging burst skill in the entire game. S3 can be used as a boss killer but requires setup. However, Ch’en’s base damage is on the low side (even accounting for her double hits), and thus, is reliant on her skills burst down units.

Blaze however, is a consistent damage dealer. Great at holding down entire choke and murdering everyone. S2 allows her to hit 1.42k average dps once activated, hitting ~1.7k+ dmg per hit to each target she hits (potentially x3 to 4.2k dps)
Note that this is average dps, not burst, meaning it’s available for the entirety of Blaze skill. The +1 range also allows for additional strategy by placing her behind a defender. (Ch’en + Liskarm can semi replicate this but only on S2 activations)

TL;DR, GP reviews are a meme, Blaze and Ch’en are too different to compare. Blaze is definitely much stronger in terms of pure DPS output, but Ch’en offers more variety.

As for Blaze compared to Silverash, I’d say they’re kinda equal in terms of power. Silverash S3M3 clears multiple waves of tanky enemies but with a CD. Blaze can do that on a consistent basis, but shorter range.

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Difference with Ch’en and Blaze is that Ch’en is mostly used for a heli drop and Blaze is an aoe guard you defend a lane with
She has really high stats, 825 atk and 415 def(E290 max trust) add the buff that her s2 gives(100%atk and 35% def) you can use her as a pseudo tank and she can hit 3 enemies simultaneously
also S2 increases her range that allows her to hit beyond a wall

Her talents increases her survivability a lot. 50% resist and a one time pseudo invincibility for 6 seconds after hp falls below 25%
She can be used at any map, and make some hard maps trivial. High stats, good skill and talents and very versatile. She is a part of the Big 4 after all

Hey, don’t ranged guards do the same thing? or chen Skill 2 and 3 ?

Yup, but range guards deal 80% dmg at range, and Ch’en has CD (with attack charging, she might not be able to attack much if placed behind a Defender). Blaze is consistent high dps once S2 activates.

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I think “she makes the game too easy” is exaggerating but they probably just couldn’t think of any disadvantages to write so they made a joke. She is really good.


What does it even mean that the review is a meme? Like is that supposed to be an insult. Everything you’ve said about Blaze here lines up with what the writers said in both of their reviews of her. You also say that Blaze is on the same level as Silverash but it’s also generally agreed upon that Silverash is so strong that he also removes a lot of the difficulty.

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I mean that it’s a meme.
Nope it’s not an insult.
Yes quite so :feh_corrinmug:

Difference is blaze can tank for a lane unlike ranged guards and hit 3 at a time and the buff is infinite dealing 1706 damage per hit (maxed Blaze).


I don’t understand her rating either.
Can’t think of any other use beside tanking Bullies when Defenders get banned.
She can’t help with air, or being drop-retreat as an assassin, nuker.
High dps or not, it’s phys. Clean up mobs? Most mage(those who will kill tanks) aoe them any way. Low def? meet Exu.

She looks good tho :kissing_smiling_eyes:

“Make the game too easy” huh. Wasn’t expecting such things in a review of hers. I think perhaps “make the game too easy” is referring to her skill 2 and her talents. After all, an “deploy and forget” type of operator indeed makes the game easier, cuz you can just leave her there and let her do her jobs.


I kind of agree that the statement is likely hyperbole and shouldn’t really be part of any serious review. That said I think you are also over exaggerating Ch’en for that matter. Ch’en is a great unit don’t get me wrong (I have her at e2 lv 80 so almost completely maxed) but she has some considerable weakness. First, is that she doesn’t really have any consistent dps since all of her skills are nukes and outside of her trait (nice but not amazing) has no direct steroids. While she can be heli dropped once you reach mastery 3 on her second skill she doesn’t have the same benefits of low dp cost and low redeployment time that fast-deploy specialists have. Furthermore, while she gets to deal damage twice per hit she is balanced by having lower attack compared to other guards which means its easier for her damage to get mitigated. So all in all while I consider Ch’en to likely be a favorite operator of mine I wouldn’t really say she is some monster. In fact compared to some other 6-stars I think she is actually on the lower end.

I would actually put Blaze up there but again I don’t really think she “makes the game too easy”. Her second skill giving bonus range is a huge benefit that lets her do some nice wall hack strats. Yes ranged guards can do this also and even do it better but the skill also gives a massive buff to her stats. Blaze has a nice combination of staying power and damage and that is a really good combination to have. However, I think that she does have some clear weakness. The first two were mentioned by GP already. She needs to be e2 to get the most out of her AoE damage. She gets the archetype penalty of having her dp cost increased by 2 when going from e1 to e2. In addition, while her second skill is amazing it gets the same disadvantage as any other permanently active skill which is that it takes a long time to charge up and until then she basically has no skill. Her third skill does elevate this by giving you something that you can use in shorter fights, but that is a less than idea situation.

In my opinion does she “make the game too easy”, no. But is she what I would consider one of the better 6-star units? yeah I think that is fair to say. She is pretty self sufficient and has clear and fairly easier weaknesses to shore up.

This is an interesting opinion, @izzy.

I was more like pointing out the fact that one should mot write misleading things like “she makes the game too easy” in a serious review.
But it was also meant as a harmless way of discussion. I am not bothered by that nor i try to create an argument over that :smiley:

That said, i prefer Ch’en because she is more versatile.
She can fullfill different needs.
Blaze is very strong, but that’s it.
She is focused on her role, and she does it well.
Dont get me wrong, it is good to have specialized operators.

But personally, i value more operators that are maybe less strong, but in exchange more versatile. Because these are the operators that in the end will most likely save your hide in difficult maps. Especially maps with surprise attacks, enemy that appears when you did not expect…

Versatility is a pitfall in Arknights. You’ve seen CC. You know how far versatility will take you there. The most used “versatile” unit used there is Saria, and that’s because she’s a ground level Medic on a no-Medic risk. Look at the rest of the most used units: SA is a damage specialist, Hoshiguma/Cuora is a tanking specialist, Mousse/Lappland/Astesia is ground level arts damage source, Angelina is slowing specialist (well, she has healing utility, but her alternatives are Magallan and Istina, who are bona fide slowing specialist), Feater is a push Specialist (shut up), Eyja/Ifrit is an arts damage specialist, Myrtle is a DP printing machine. The “versatile” Glaucus, Siege, Blue Poison aren’t used that often. Chen needs waaaaay more investment for her Unsheathe to deal more stable arts damage than Mousse or Astesia.

Gamepress poll risk 18+ stats
Glaucus was used more often than Istina or Magallan.
Siege was in a whole quarter of the clears.
Ch’en was used more than Astesia and Mousse put together.


Personally, i love my Glaucus.
Got her months ago as a spook.

Her Second skill, is simply put a gem.

Great Crowd Control, and against Drone…it’s game over for them.

During those 6 seconds, your Snipers/casters will make mince meat of any restrained enemy

Well I guess either not many people invest on Istina or too many people invest on Glaucus then, seeing as Istina has higher ASPD and is clearly the more stable slowing operator, which they obviously what Glaucus role is in this CC considering there is no drone.

And I don’t think the statistics work like that considering there’s no reason to use both Myrtle and Siege, but whatever I guess I’m wrong on this one.

Still doesn’t change the fact that Chen is more investment heavy.

Yeah and actually I agree with that. I believe that she is an incredible unit very much worthy of being in the S+ tier with the like of Silverashe and Eyjafjalla. If you get her on the field and manage to charge up he s2 her presence will definitely be felt. Much in the same way as Silverashe when he triggers s3 and Eyjafjalla when either s2 or s3 trigger. Having two accounts I can recognize that the above three units will allow you to get out of some situations more easily than others. Like I really miss not having Eyjafjalla on the alt account she is god send. That said its not like having one or even all of these units just lets you turn off your brain an auto win any situation.

The thing with Blaze is that her specialization isn’t really that niche. She does a lot of damage and has good is good at staying alive. In other words she specializes in killing things without dying. This is kind of something that you are going to want in basically every single operation. Her weakness are also rather easy to fix. Her high dp cost is somewhat mitigated by the fact that you will likely be deploying vanguards early to charge your dp. Not to mention this weakness is share by pretty much most guards archetypes. Her long s2 wind up is mitigated by the fact that most teams run some form of sp charge. Warfarin, Ptilopsis, and Liskarm are all great units to have on your team and help solve a major weakness in her s2.

I am glad you like Ch’en she is a personal favorite of mine. I almost have her completely maxed out (those last ten levels of e2 cost so much lmd) and she is the only near achieving that goal by a long shot. That s2 like you said is just amazing at dealing with surprise or cleaning up anything that some how manage to slip through the cracks. But I am okay with recognizing that she doesn’t quite command the same presence on the field as the above 3 operators.

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