About Building Knoll

I really liked him in FE8 (actually one of my faves as he was the playable Lyon in a way) and want to build him up.
But seeing that Miranda and Erk pretty much outclass him by a huge margin… it feels bad building him :/

Is there any particular niche that only he can pull pff that I’m missing or anything else that makes him worth building except liking him?
How bad do Erk and Miranda outclass him anyway - does anyone have a highly invested Knoll?


If you want to build Knoll because you like him, build him

Petrine completely outclasses Ferdinand but that doesn’t stop me from using Ferdinand

Knoll and Miranda are extremely similar with just a few stat points moved around between them

Erk is much faster but dumps his Res in the process so he’s better in speedy offensive roles.


Can you suggest a build?

I was thinking +SPD IVs, Fox tome+SPD refine, Iceberg, ATK/RES or ATK/SPD solo, Lull SPD/RES and some C-skill

Pretty basic but simple things often just work.

That can work; I have a similarish build on my F-Robin

Sadly there are very few inheritable red tomes so options are limited. Knoll has very good Res so he can work well as a mage tank with V-Henriette’s weapon, Conch Bouquet, or Raudrserpent

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Unfortunately I don’t have V-Henriette :(
Nice Robin build tho!


Conch Bouquet is a good alternative, then

It gets flack for that “once per phase” thing but it’s really not that bad. I had it on A-Camilla in the last Fates HoF and it worked well with her statline


Conch Bouquet does seem like a good option!
Do I want a Res boon on him instead, then?

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I’d say to go Spd if you intend to run multiple builds and Res if you intend to make him purely a Res tank


A SPD boon it is then.
I initially thought to do a Lyon emblem + Knoll as a meme team.
Since Lyon is already a great Res tank in all his forms, I’d prefer a more offensive build on Knoll.

But of course I’d use him seriously in modes like AA so I’d like him to function.

I might not commit to +10in him rn anyway and see how he is at 5*+0 first because I still have a LOT of other merge projects