About Close Call

Normal people: want to put it on their hyper offensive units
Me: :feh_ardenwoke:

(Seal should be wind boost btw)
@Hujiba @RNGSlayer777


Still confused on what it actually does.

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inb4 its infantry exclusive.


I mean what’s not to understand. Its pretty simple when you actually read it


Honestly I’m actually expecting that

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Basically more spd = less damage taken. Example you have 2 more spd than opponent, opponent attacks you but your b skill takes off 8 damage (2 spd × 4) from say 40 damage, since its under 40% of 40 damage you will take 32 instead which at its max would be 16 damage taken off if your spd was 4 points higher than opponent. I think this skill will work like this but you still have to factor your def/res first then do your b skill spd math with the remaining damage up to 40% taken off the remainer… o god b!ike could use this if spd buffed…

Ignore this, i did my math wrong people


Where do the people that don’t want to use it fall? :ferdbirb:


It’s Infantry melee exclusive unfortunately :feh_elisad:

Dragons and Beasts also can’t get it.


If only It wasn’t on mareeta,I’d be tempted to fodder it to 1 of my +spd units

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wdym its a supertank skill its not for offensive units

poor matthew rip

guess roy gets mareeta


RIP the dream :feh_sharenacry: Bartre then?

fodder an Alm for DB4

Alm doesn’t have DB4

to find the normal skill list, you have to click the plus icon after going into learn skills. It’s weird and inconvenient, I want my skill list back

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DB4 usually refers to death blow 4


It’s by percentage. So in your example if you only have 2 more speed than your opponent you will take off 8% of the damage (2x4=8%). To get the maximum effect you need 10 or greater Spd difference between you and your opponent for 10x4=40% damage reduction.


Surtr is about to have a really bad day

Thanks for the great explanation.

Sadly, won’t be able to use it on Lethe so I’m not too interested on it for my other speedy units

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Yeah. Honestly it’s dumb, just giving any old unit damage like that.