About Edmond Dantes

So I’ve been hovering over this community for a while and have finally decided to create an account. I recently did the GSSR, losing my F2P status, and got Edmond Dantes. My question would be: just how good will he become after Skadi is released? Cause I’ve heard he becomes a really great servant

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  1. Welcome to the paying customer club ;)

  2. Short answer is yes, he becomes very good. Skadi gives him the kind of support he’s needed.

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I’m not super informed on this but as far as I can tell ez farming and wave clear with skadi

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Skadi + Edmond = best combo in the game once skadi comes out.

You lucked out.

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Skadi really raises the value of some Quick based servants and Dantes will be one of those that hit the jackpot. Him and Zerkerlot are considered as the top dogs when the Quick meta arrives due to the consistency and efficiency of their 3T farming and even tackling some Challenge quests. Seeing is better than talking about it so, here, see for yourself.

Do note that most of these comps are not f2P friendly. Also, if you want to maximize your Dantes, get Skadi later this year. No double Skadi means no quick meta degeneracy.


Thanks for the info friends, this has been of great help


Ah, I forgot to mention that you also need a Kscope for the 3T comp. If you don’t have that, pray that you get one later.

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Thanks for the video friend it was really helpful, I’ve been playing FGO since summer 2018, so I do have a bit of resources to my name, though seeing the mats he needs for his skills, along with the mats Skadi needs is really painful:joy:. thanks for the heads up though.


No prob. Also recently got Dantes in the GSSR. Do use the current event to 10/10/- Dantes’s skills as that’s also necessary if you plan to ride the quick meta. Will wish you good luck if you plan to roll for Skadi later on.

Its really troublesome but the payoff is worth it. :ok_hand:

Good luck to you as well, and I’ve also got Kscope already, though I only have one

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It is not completely necessary to have a kaleidoscope to 3 turn.
A 50% battery CE is good enough because you can just use the best 1 star servant, Arash, to clear W1 and thus swap in Edmond to clear W2 and W3.
In fact, this boosts your damage for W2 and W3 as you can equip more powerful damage CEs on Edmond like Sumo instead of Kaleidoscope.

Of course, this is technically, 1T + 2T and not a true 3T.

So Dantes was really weird.

He was the central character for basically a series of challenge quests, and his kit was designed to do really well within that specific event. As a consequence, it wasn’t very good outside of that event. He’s got a bad deck, Golden Rule?, avenger passives are ‘meh’
But then Skadi dropped and Dantes ended up having the perfect setup to loop perfectly with her buffs. People figured DW forgot they gave him Golden Rule.

He is the poster boy for Skadi memes. He’s worth about NP2-ish Zerkerlot, or so I’ve been told.