About enhance CE


When enhance CE i see 2 parameter, one is std exp and other is acc exp. So what’s that parameter?

Between keep ce nobu and okita or use that to increase 2* ce to max level, which is better if i want use that increase my 5* ce later when great succes ce rate up?


Std Exp is the experience of the card itself. Acc Exp is accumulated exp, experience that the card received from being leveled up. Level 1 CEs, unless it was enhances but not leveled up, have no acc exp.

As for using the Nobu and Okita CEs, if you have the space, keep them until we get a 2x/3x super/great success event to get the most out of them.


One other thing to add is that when super/great successes happen, I believe they only multiply the standard XP, and not the accumulated XP. So if you make a 1 mil CE bomb, you won’t get 2 or 3 mil on a crit.

BTW, you’ll be getting so many of these XP-only CEs this event that folks who don’t have a lot of extra space in their inventories or 2nd archives will probably want to look up how to make CE bombs. Unfortunately, because of my first point, if you make bombs now, you forego any possible benefit from a crit-up bonus XP event.


Oh that will be a shame, imagine have 1m ce bomb and get crit success will be easy way to max favorite ce