About Far/Near Save Enemy AI


The Enemy can attack two targets: 1 with Far/Near Save one without.

Now the smart idea would be to attack the Enemy with Far/Near save to deny the Bonuses from it.
However i see sometimes enemies still going for the Unit without Far Save.

I wonder why?


Because the AI in this game is suicidal

(no seriously, that’s it. That’s all I can think of. I have seen the AI often make the objectively worst decision possible; there is no other explanation. Even the AI wants to be done with FEH)


I don’t think the AI takes saves into account when deciding what it does. In general, if the AI is in attacking range and will do at least 5 damage, or has no other available alternative actions it could take (rally, heal, dance, etc) then it will attack someone. If multiple enemies are in range then I think it goes for whichever it will do the most damage to, regardless of how much damage they may take in return. Not 100% on that though. But in general Feh’s AI has very little regard for its own safety and self preservation.


I’d say it was more a deliberate choice made by the devs to keep the AI from getting too annoying. Since I doubt many people would enjoy it if the AI just ran away from the player if they didn’t have a good matchup. In fact, this probably isn’t even exclusive to Feh or even FE. Lots of games probably have AI like this for the reasons mentioned.

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So from what i understand then:

The Ai just attacks the enemy it thinks it will deal the most Damage disregarding save.

For Example:

A Magic Enemy attacking:
1 Unit 20 Res no Save <----- Getting attacked
2 Unit 25 Res with Save

As for the stupidity:
I can imagine FEH beeing to easy for the Hardcore scene looking up Guides discussing strategies etc.

For me personally who does not seek much help from outside and plays for Fun (for collecting units /Dialogue) and is more Casual, the game is still fun.


Yep basically. At least that’s what I think happens, obviously I can’t say for sure since I don’t know the actual code behind the AI.

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In fact to expand upon this, I don’t think the AI takes most skills into account when attacking. Aside from the damage thing, the only other thing I can think of that the AI seems to consider when attacking besides damage is if the enemy can counter attack or not (typically seems to prioritize those who can’t unless a kill is possible I believe). They will also try to move to advantageous positions when attacking (defense tiles, ranged units attacking behind walls, etc) but I don’t think these things influence who they will attack. Just things they’ll try to take advantage of when possible based on who they attack.


There was a topic about how the AI works in FEH awhile back, forgot the name of the topic though but that was like… about 2 years ago now? Though we didn’t have save skills then…

what i do know for sure is that if the enemy can do 5+ damage on a unit and can do the most damage on 1 of your units out of a said group that’s in its attack range, AI will attack said unit no matter if a save skill is available. Now if an enemy can’t do 5+ damage but has no support skills, AI will suicide on the closest target with the weaker def/res stat it can hit, again not factoring save skills.

Calling the FEH AI guy: @argenmendon

If he doesn’t know off-hand, he’ll know where to look.

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Initial though, there are 2 kinds of AI. One for AR, and one for general.
For AR the AI attacks from the best position, meaning all positions are considered before desiding. Meaning your, and the opponents supportive skills are considering, and this can lead to attacking from a different place becouse the support is giving more then the savior.

For non AR the AI consider
For each target for each assister with non-movement assist, determine the optimal tile from which to assist the target using these tiebreaks:

  1. Defense tile: Y > N
  2. Enemy threat: lowest #
  3. Requires teleportation: Y > N
  4. Special terrain: Flier Terrain > Forest > Trench >= Regular (Trench > Regular only if cavalry)
  5. Movement required: lowest #
  6. Tile priority value: highest #

Meaning that if any of these (tile priority being the most likely) is resulting in attacking a different opponent triggering savior, it will.

Only reason it will not is if triggering savior results in a kill results in opponent surviving, or if the result goes from both living/initiator living changes to unit dying.


Too late.


It only applies to the last part, everything above that is 100% the case.
The can how ever be more things playing a part, combat result (kill/tie/defeat) as I said is something I am not 100% on and would need to take a complete read though to be certain


Dude, the AI will put a dancer on the frontlines and get killed by random unit. Or worse, get caught in an infinite loop of reposition-draw back, wasting you time and battery life. The AI is extremely suicidal, and even the most well-constructed AR-O maps can fall to pieces once the key unit is killed.

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