About future DL Campaigns

I know the original summer servants show up in DL Campaign banners (well, we got one batch earlier and another batch coming up after Summer 3 anyway.) I haven’t seen anything about Summer 2 servants though, and the gamepress pages seem to say that this coming rerun is the last chance at them as far as we know (excluding Nobu of course.)

Is this true, or is there a DL Campaign featuring the Summer 2 servants in the future that just isn’t listed for whatever reason? Oh, and I’m already aware of the trap that is the aoe banner, so I’m not counting that.

As of now there have been no Summer 2 Servant banners in JP after their own rerun asides from Nobu, as you’ve already noted. So unless JP releases a banner that features them in the future, then this is their final appearance save for the GSSR (though those would only include 5* Servants and not the 4* ones).

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No summer 2 download campaigns. This is their last rate-up, though they will be available in the AOE + Summer banner that just got released on JP, though there are no rate-ups there, so it’s not a good banner.

Also, GSSR for the summer 2 SSRs, but obviously, not the SRs.

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Raikou Lancer showed up in KYOMAF2019 banner last year in JP (https://fategrandorder.fandom.com/wiki/KYOMAF2019_Exhibit_Commemoration_Summoning_Campaign) but that seems like a JP only event. Probably not something we’ll see in NA. :fgo_shock:

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CasUmu is in this coming New Years banner, as well. That’s when I plan to roll her, since I assume BBikini will drain all my quartz this summer.

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Looks like I need to grab the SRs (and Maid Alter) now if I want them then. That’s going to hurt my Summer 3 fund…

I’m missing Helena, Raikou, Nitocris, and of course Maid Alter. Problem is, I also want to get Fran (lvl 100, 2k fou, 10/10/10) somewhere beyond NP1. Nobu is already NP2, and as mentioned there’s a later banner with her on it. Nero NP2 might show up when rolling for Fran or Nitocris at least, but then she’s showing up on a NY banner as well…

This is going to be a painful banner or two…