About Gala Mym?

During the last Gala Adventurer Banner (We now have to emphasize a Gala Adventurer from Gala Dragon – LOL).

I managed to pull Gala Alex, I did extra pulls as it was (I believe) the best time to spend my stash. Anyway, 3 days later I decided to look my Adventurers and there she was. [Mym]. I thought it was a normal 4 Star Mym from Story, so I did not bother to check further.

Then about a week ago while browsing, I read Mym only has 2 forms. Gala and Halloween. Since it’s not Halloween yet, I was shocked to see it was the Gala version.

Is she by any chance good to invest right away?
How do you usually do a team composition around her?
And which content she excels the most?

With Gala Alex, I got het MUB Chimeratech Sword, MUB Shinobi, Maxed her to 50MC, MUB Wyrmprints, and Augments +620 the first day I got her. LOL. She is my 1st Gala ever.

Mym has a pretty fun kit based around transforming into Brunhilda. She’s one of the older galas and is showing it a bit. She’s not really “meta” any more since fire got a lot of powerful mana spirals. I’m not saying she’s bad, I use her a lot, just don’t expect her to be super OP like G!Alex :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the overview. Seems like I’ll mostly place her on Auto for my Fire Team.