About Gilgamesh: Next Solo Rate Up

Gilgamesh being in this thanksgiving banner means that he wont be in new year’s banner?

I dont have a lot of resources for summoning so saving a little bit more might be a good idea but…if I miss this chance, and he doesnt have a rate up in new year’s banner, then the next chance would be way too far when Battle at New York comes. I dont want that since the impulse to throw away some quartz is so strong, and the mind so weak.

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Going by last year, yeah, he won’t be in the New Year banner.

Oh no…


Are you sure?? He was in the New Years’ JP 2018 banner Option 1.
Maybe I am mistaken

Yes, but most servants on the JP NY 2017 banner were on NA’s 2018 Thanksgiving, but not on NA NY 2019.

It would be a first to give a limited servant 2 rate-ups in ~6 weeks. If someone wants Gil within 2 months, they shouldn’t take any risk and roll for him now on TG.

Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, I want him but I am not ready for that banner

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