About Itsuki's attack art

I’m bad at making titles. Anyways:
Is it just me or does Itsuki’s attack art makes no sense?

He’s running sideways, and his sword hilt is going to hit the enemy first. Who holds a sword almost parallel to your arm anyways? Doesn’t that negates the purpose of the weapon? Even if his sword landed on the enemy, it would be slapping the enemy with the flat side instead of cutting with the blade edge due to the angle he’s holding it. Think about it.

Or I guess he could be running forwards, but then he’d be leaning off balance and not looking at where he’s striking.

But most importantly,
His sword is hovering in his empty grip.


he’s cute so it doesn’t matter


He’s going into a twirl because he’s that much of a pretty boy


Counterpoint: Anime


It seems to be more dynamic than optimal.

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It’s kind of a nonsensical position, but I love it because it low-key reminds me of the Hawkeye Initiative.


It’s anime. You’re talking about weird sword stances in a game where time travel, dragons, demons, and monsters are normal.

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Also, Laslow’s damaged art has his foot in a completely inhuman angle.


Oh wow, I just checked and it’s bad


“Oh, I don’t remember seeing anything anything wrong with his art, let me che-- OH MY NAGA I WILL NEVER UNSEE THIS, WHY IS HIS FOOT BROKEN, OH GODS”


The pose is too modest for the Hawkeye Initiative. Too much Itsuki, not enough Titsuki. The tights fit, though


The day I see a male character in the game with S!Noire’s attack pose, I’ll be happy, yet sad if I happen to like the character.


Oh my lord, someone call the church and perform an exorcism on this girl.

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Well I do think that artists should pay attention to these imperfections, whereas fictional plot is intentional.

I think they ignore imperfections when it comes to designing their characters to make them look cool, flashy, etc.

Laslow’s foot, yeah, that should be fixed because that’s a completely broken foot, but Itsuki’s sword stance is just for design.

It’s like when archers talk about bow units and their stance in their attack art.

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Alright, I see your point

Hmmm. Now I’m no expert on swordfighting, but coming at you opponent from the side is actually better than face on as it leaves you less vulnerable. As for the sword… I think he’s trying to dodge aside then strike the opponent, his feet look sorta like he just leapt aside. So the sword is going to slice across the enemy’s side. Least that’s how I see it. Could just be anime tho

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on the topic of this banner’s art, kiria’s legs are longer than her the rest of her body and it’s bothering me.

Keaton and P!Inigo are the only notable ones that come to mind.
Stahl too, but he has that giant toilet seat on his neck obscuring things.
Shiro’s damaged pose is pretty awkward, but it’s there, even if his arm is in the way
Yarne’s damaged art might count if his pesky leg wasn’t protecting whatever modesty he has left


Do you just know every artwork in the game?