? About legacy moves

So I evolved my Likitung that had Body Slam that I got from a raid, which she lost. I thought I read some where that she would be able to get it back by using Charged TMs, so I was happy she got Shadow Ball. So I saved up SD & RC to get her second charged attack. I’ve wasted a dozen TMs trying to get Body Slam back for the newly acquired 2nd attack to no avail. Always Solar/Hyper Beam or Earthquake. Do I need to TM the Shadow Ball as that was the charged slot that changed from Body Slam after evolving or does it matter which charged attack slot I need to keep TMing in hope of getting Body Slam back? Thanks in advance.

Body Slam can NOT be TM’d to your Licki.

You need the special Elite Charged TM to be able to get Body Slam to your Licky.

As far as I remember you could only get that charged move during a special raid day in February.

Body Slam was a raid day exclusive move to both Lickitung and Lickilicky

Ok thanks for the 411. She was caught from this past February special raid weekend (almost perfect shiny too). I think it’s dumb that the basic would get the exclusive move, but not carry over to the evolved form. Oh well, guess I’m using an Elite TM on her as I need her against Giratina .