About Mash (Lost belt spoiler)

So, I really do like the Ortinax in concept and how it looks, in fact I love the look of the Ortinax; that being, is there a way to keep the outfit without having the skill set switch? Because having looked at this top tier design IMO I just can’t go back

I don’t think so. Sorry. When I went back in to change Mash back after the forced switch, changing her sprite automatically pops up a display showing the skill changes. Makes sense, since they’re directly tied to her new form.


Nope, package deal. Don’t get the look without the different skill set.



Oof, but atleast we have the sprite renewal, so I won’t complain I guess especially since I honestly don’t use mash too much anyways unless it’s like a actual hard quest, so she’s been beyond useful for story and CQ…too bad that we have to use her gutted form in story from now on

You might still be able to set the Ortinax look for some of her other art (I don’t know since I haven’t unlocked it yet), just not the in-battle sprite. Might be able to use it for her card art, main art, square/face art and bust art (probably not official names, just my attempts to describe them).

Yes, it seems like only changing the sprite affects the abilities.