About my Bedi

So I tossed my tickets at story summon on a whim a few days ago, and got Bedi’s 3rd copy on the first ticket, and Taiga’s 2nd. I’ve done Bedi’s interlude too, so is he worth the lores even if only S1 scales with level? I have np2 Rama at 10/7/6 while Bedi’s currently 5/5/5; and I use them both. Also have Merlin in the works, if that helps.

I appreciate any opinions that will help me plan things :fgo_umu:.

Yes bedi is d best 1-3 star saber in my opinion but his whole skills only last 1 turn but bedi is best to slay boss with his nuke np if u lucky to np5 him… So he worth your grails… Merlin also will help boost his buster np damage higher but u can also stack buff him to make ridiculous amount damage… So if u dont have any other option for st np saber hes the best… But many servant can out perform him… So its your choice

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Bedi’s skills can be left alone. Tactics has some pretty poor scaling and the other two skills only increase debuff resist and mental debuff resist. With or without his first skill, Bedivere is going to hit like a truck fired from a giant catapult.

I only took him to 6/6/6 personally, if only for the shorter cooldowns. He’s my go-to saber for tough lancer bosses and having his NP charge skill on a short cooldown is actually kinda nice. But you’re not losing much if you decide not to spend lores on him. Do it for love, not gameplay.


Ah, good to know I’m not really gonna lose much, even if I don’t spend lores on him. I’ll give them to him, when I’m done with everyone else then :fgo_umu:.
Thanks so much :fgo_umu:.

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