About pag DPS/TDO in gamepress.gg

Hi. How i can now if my pkm beat the raid in there page? i filter option DPS^3*TDO


i,ve been registred all my pkm in there

There should be a button called “My Pokemon” between where you select the pokemon to attack and where the list is shown below. Selecting that should show you yours (I’ve never uploaded mine so I don’t know for sure).

but what total sum so i can know if i can hit
in column DPS^3*TDO

It should be displayed right after DPS & TDO, I’m not sure why that is concerning you though.

I want to know how much life I can get from him with my pokemons to find out how many other players besides me to hit the raid

what proportion of damage is equivalent to these points

The DPS^3*TDO is meant to try to show overall performance, a combination of time on the field and damage out. If you want just damage, you want DPS (Damage per second). If you want how long it will last, you want to look at TDO (Total Damage Out), or the total amount of damage the pokemon puts out before fainting. It’s typically recommended all players maintain at least 52 DPS combined for Tier 5 raid bosses, friendship damage bonus being a large factor in these calculations.