About Pokecoin challenges

So, the system which was tested in Australia a while ago and which many of us feared/despised found it‘s way to Germany. And I gotta say, I‘m not really a fan of it. Heck, I d rather use Shadows than do those challenges. Day 1 already kinda threw me off, because one of the challenges was „Win a raid“. Can be hard for me at times, because I work until 7PM, and often enough there are no active raids around after work. I lucked out and found one, still. Day 2 actually had easy tasks, so those 20 coins were easy. But Day 3 (a.k.a. today) already makes me hate it. It requires me to defeat a Rocket Grunt (ok, should be doable) and a Rocket Boss! I just recently used my Rocket Radar and currently only have one component, so that‘ll be straight up impossible for me, because I surely won‘t be able to gather enough pieces AND find a boss in time (and no, even if I wanted to, which I don‘t, I can‘t even buy a radar). That is just my own experience, but could be problematic for many other people. Low density of stops and no good Pokemon to defeat the bosses are the major issues that come to mind.

So I wonder, did the system air anywhere else, and wether you have it or not, what are your thoughts on it?

Do you get some coins for each task? Or do you have to complete them all or a certain number to get any coins?

Bosses and raids sound really unfair, but the others would be preferable to me right now in america since going to gyms still sucks

You have to complete all tasks to earn 20 coins.

I have a question, if you complete 4/5 today, do you get 5 new tasks tomorrow and lose the “progress” or are you stuck with a set until you complete it? :thinking:

No idea, but I‘ll find out soon. I definitely won‘t get a boss done today

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Well, good news ^^^^

The new system sucks for those who had no problem making their 50 coins everyday, but it gives those who weren’t an opportunity to get 20 coins.

In the end, this all benefits Niantic. They made it seem like more people are getting coins with this new system, but no. Not only the extra raid passes (win a raid task) that people will be spend just to complete tasks (people’s logic: all i need is to win a raid to get 20 coins. If i don’t, the other completed tasks are wasted. Let’s find a remote raid!), but also all of those alternate accounts that people put in gyms for 50 coins, will now be getting only 30. They will be given out less free coins overall and make way more profits.

That’s a good thing, tbh :thinking:

If they now also remove the „Win a raid“ condition, I‘m actually willing to accept that. Because as of now, I couldn‘t even buy a Remote Pass, so I couldn‘t even do a remote raid if I wanted to. And I‘m sure many players face(d) that problem.

Of course. ToS doesn’t allow alternate accounts to begin with, so it is definitely a good thing for the company and those who followed their policy. The 30 coins cap also makes gym less competitive than before. i do have an alternate account but i think it’s more fair this way. :slight_smile:

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Yup, I can now confirm that the quests indeed get resetted upon midnight

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Thanks! I guess that’s good, better lose some progress that get stuck with a task you can’t complete.