About Reed,Exusiai & Broca upcoming banner

Will Broca or Reed and Exusiai be sold at the Certificate Shop?

Drillelectric? Sadly no, the standard pool after Bagpipe has Exusiai sold at the shop though.

Keep in mind the global server has gotten different Standard pool banners for the past few months, so we don’t have any guarantee of anything for them past what’s been announced/datamined from update data. To look at it on in a more hopeful light, that could mean Exusiai will be in the shop sooner than that.
As far as Broca and Reed being in the certificate shop, the only answer right now is “maybe someday.” The CN servers have never had them be in the shop before, but since Skadi and Ch’en have had their chances, we can assume more operators will be added to the list that can show up in the shop over time. I’d guess that they will all get a chance eventually, it’s just a question of when and how often.

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what about Elysium? Have he been sold at the certificate shop before?

Nope, and looks like he hasn’t been in any standard banners yet - so far he’s only been on the special one with W.
If you’re curious about who has and hasn’t been in the shop before, you can check the Gamepress page for the banner list. It breaks down which banners have been on each server, and for the standard banners who was buyable. The special named banners seem to always come to the global server the same as on CN, but the Standard banners that come with shop operators are different.