About Saber Lily

So, she is almost here.
She is, from what i can see on her gamepress page…a mediocre servant.

Am i allowed to say that i am unimpressed by her oh so very vanilla skills and low stats?

All in all, i think that people would find more useful Brave Eli compared to Saber lily.

The only positive thing i can see about her is that she can be used for farming…then again, i wont be surprised if a 3* saber happen to be a better farmer than her.


It’s a well known fact that she sucks. She’s a freebie from when the game started, so DW gave her a stat of a 3*.


I am looking forward to her, I like her design. Her armor/dress combination in her first ascension looks really nice!
I don’t care so much about gameplay :fgo_astolfo:


Saber Lily is actually one of the more useful welfare servants. It doesn’t matter if her skills seem ‘vanilla’, her NP hits like a freight truck with the NP buff and embarrass many other gold Sabers at NP1. Salter who’s known for her hard-hitting NP actually needs NP2 to barely edge out Lily. That’s all one needs to make a solid welfare servant.

No a 3* Saber isn’t going to be a better farmer than her.


She’s cute. That’s all you need to know.


She also get a good animation update too so there’s that


Yes, you’re allowed to say that, but you can’t deny that her cuteness is so great that even MHX is willing to spare her from her saber-killing mission. :fgo_mhx:

Stat-wise she is definitely a 3 star or 2 star in 4 star clothing (if you compare the grailed stats of her and other sabers, she’s kind of like if a 2 star got grailed up to 80). Her level 80 stats are still slightly over the 3 star sabers though, so it’s not like she’s worse off than a 3 star. For skills she gives some decent team support and has mana burst to boost her soon-to-be very powerful NP, which also restores her own health. Hopefully JP will buff her Intuition now that she’s more available so that she has more to her kit. I have no problems bringing her to battle, she’s a fun saber that brings team support that no other saber does and I can’t wait for her NP upgrade so she’ll hit harder and heal herself back more with her NP.


There aren’t many 3star sabers to begin with.

theres like 4 3 star sabers
gillies saber is non existent
bedi is story locked

so left with shiza whom ofc she’ll lose to because ST
and she outdamages fergus post buff

she needs about np 3-4 of gawain in sunlight , nero in waterside and sieg hitting dragons to even outdamage her, otherwise
she beats all of them even at np 5

salter needing np 2 to even beat her


For as much as i see the merito of it, i do not think saying “She Is free np5 so She Is good” Is a good way of thinking.
I do not think the free np5 can be used as a excuse for a bad servant, not only Lily.


Saber Lily vs Elibrave is like comparing apple to orange as its AOE vs ST.
Saber Lily’s NP will hit like a truck post Strengthening.

I dont get why people tend to value a servant mostly by their Np, disregarding the skills.

Saber Lily might have a easy NP5, but her skills are bad so in my opinion she is bad.

A servant with a strong NP but bad stats and bad skills is still a bad servant.

Even if his NP might hit like a truck

For a game that’s, like, 90% farming I don’t know if that’s true…

Anyways, she’s got the 50% mana burst. That’s really all a wave clearer needs when it comes to skills.

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Her Increased NP damage multiplier pretty much cancels out with her 0.85 stat multiplier, so people can just see her as a 4* NP5 Aoe saber with interlude but weaker face card damage. Not that bad actually.


Please DW, please. Mordred, Lily, and Santa Alter are the only ones with vanilla intuitions left. Just get it over with already.


Lily, like most servants, is there to dish out damage. Skills are just a means to an end. 90% of game content is literally just farming, dish out damage and you are done.

For example, who cares if someone like Siegfried has fancy Disengage and Golden Rule? His damage is going to be subpar against non-dragons, you may as well use Lily against non-dragons for regular fights.

Free NP5 makes her more than serviceable for F2Ps who are the main target audience for welfare servants. No one here is suggesting she is some top-tier servant or possess strong skills.


When your only other sabers are np1 siegfried and Fergus, lily is amazing even before strengthening.

When you start acquiring an army of sabers with more interesting skills…it’s easy to forget lily is there.


tbh cant relate
i dislike every other aoe saber and the ones i like
have shite damage
gimme my lily :man_in_manual_wheelchair:



95% of the game is farming, which means the 95% most important part of an AoE servant is what threshold they can hit. Lily has a very strong NP, plus a mana burst. Slap some starting gauge on her and charge her up, and she’s fine for 95% of content.

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In what world is 50% Mana Burst and 20% partywide NP gain bad? Literally the only “bad” skill she has is Instinct, which plenty of other Servants have that don’t get Lily’s bad rep.

Salter’s kit (until this very recent upgrade) was barely any different, and no one seems to dump all over her, despite being unnecessarily story locked and harder to get to NP5.