About selling 4* servants

I was wondering if I should burn all my 4* servants ? I already have 5* servants in each class that are quite good. I wanna know if rareprisms are more valuable.

In a word… No. Keep the servants.

there’s even bronze and silver servants that still hold value if you own 5-stars

only a moron would burn based solely on rarity


Don’t worry, we were all Mordred’s at one point. xD

should just burn your phone while you’re at it

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Definitely don’t burn them all but some like stheno are not very good and might be worth burning to unlock either the QP CE or Anni blonde if you find yourself wanting them. Most of the time I wouldn’t recommend burning servants unless you already have them NP5 though since you might want them later.

Please dont.


You sounded like if you have Cu Alter, you should burn Herc straight away…
Just don’t…all servants are useful

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he should just burn all his servants
who needs any other servant hyuck hyuck

nvm that even IF you were to only use 5 star for some reasons, theres still stuff like event bonus, or COST
since even rn in jp its impossible to bring a full part of ssr+ ssr ce

nvm that as even someone like rex , whos the ultimate P2W ssr go,
lower rarites still have their use in being fodder (and good ones at that)

but sure
burn all your 4 stars then
since having an abundance of rp that youll never use is clearly more important than actually being able to play the game

gotta buy that 1 lore and golden fou to up my ssrs hyuck hyuck


whos the ultimate P2W

Hey rex are ultimate F2P

Keep them in the backline for bond points, which give you saint quartz.

Only an absolute nutjob would burn his four stars Servants and, like several people on this thread have previously stated, you can’t bring a team full of 5 stars even at max lvl

No. Just no.

Yeah sure, I’ll join the echo. Don’t burn servants just because you have a higher rarity of the same class. Most everyone brings something unique to the table.

Also welcome to the community!


Thanks for the replies that helped me a lot
I think I get it

just burn them after np5

I would say this thread was a bit to aggressive.

Beside, anyone know one should burn gawein even if he have no other servant.

we don’t burn men of culture here !

I have 6 of them, I already burned 5. Now I will do his interlude before burning him to muahahahahahahha

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sadly i have him at np3 and i merged him so now i can’t really burn him can i ,on the other i have an np3 siegrfried on standby ready to get burned as soon as we get to buy the extra bond levels(11-15)