About Skadi and farming


I saw many topics on Skadi and the 3 loop-farming recently, and I was wondering if that’s all Skadi is good for.

I don’t really know the potentiel of Skadi, but I already have the servants I need for 3-turn farming on dailies.
So basically, my questions are:
-Is Skadi any good fir hard content, or should I stay with my Arts team?
-Is Skadi more useful for harder farming content at event quests than a typical 3-turns setup with Arash and Waver?

Thanks for any help!

Skadi can do challenging content, just that if the team doesnt clear in 3T their damage drops of significantly once their skills wear off. Skadi technically has a defensive NP but its honestly not that great

She also has compatibility with Holmes because of his quick cards

Obviously the more whale your setup the better , ie MLB BG, Poster girl, Extra DPS NP levels etc…
but even a regular BG and NP 1 could work , its just more reliant on card luck.

Skadi farming for events is superior to Arash, Waver ish Buster reliant setups because

  1. They only need one NP charge CE, so 5 event CEs can be run
  2. They load all their buffs on one guy, so the damage ceiling is usually way higher.

tbh, skadi definitely outperforms waver for farming with the right setups

though the problem is those setups require some ex-tier luck or hyper whaling to achieve, with an mlb scope and/or high np levels on the dps being required for just about any of her 3t loops (also, you’re restricted to quick np servants, of course)

though thankfully her np doesn’t really do anything for her kit’s meta focus (looks cool though), so you can safely just leave her at np1

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As aylmeow said, the big difference between 3 turn farming with waver/merlin to np farming with skadi is efficiency. If you want to 3 turn consistently with the present meta you need at least 2-3 DPS servants to take off the farming CE and put on starting NP, NP strength/buster+. This significantly hampers your farming efficiency, to the point that there’s some debate as to whether 3 turning is more efficient than 7-8 turning with 6 farming CEs. The difference once skadi drops is that she can amplify the strength of one, preferably quick card servant, like Lancelot, such that only one servant has to put on a non farming CE, and they can loop their NP for all waves. This might not sound like a big difference, but the resources really do add up. Another aspect with the current meta is that depending on your lineup, farming might not be consistently reliable, and some of us have to switch teams for different farming nodes. It’s not so easy to farm on autopilot. It takes some effort on each run. It’s better to have a reliable NP loop with Skadi and just effortlessly breeze through runs, maximizing your efficiency. She really is a game changing servant for farming.

Now, is she good for challenge quests? Yes, for some. Consider a CQ with 6 bosses and a CE that amplifies the strength of a single servant by 200%. You build up your NP once, then AOE clear the whole first wave of challenge bosses. Normally you have to build up your NP again, slowing you down and letting RNG dictate the success of your run. Skadi would have just enabled your servant to blast through the second wave right away. This is a bit abstract, but it gives you an idea. Some challenge quests offer such difficult parameters that they’re virtually un-stallable for some rosters. For these, it’s better to burst through them immediately, with buff stacking or NP looping, and Skadi is good for the latter. If what you need is a stall team however, Skadi might not be ideally reliable, especially considering evade is inferior to invincibility, she doesn’t offer team wide NP gain, or healing, as Merlin does.

To be clear, 3 turning dailies is nothing.

3 turning level 90 nodes during events regardless of the composition of the enemy mobs. That is what we aim for.
Meaning that you never need to change your team composition ever again (saves immense amounts of time). That is what Skadi is for.
Edmond Dantes np2 and double Skadi.
Lancelot berserker np2 and double Skadi.
Needless to say, Skadi is the prize for next year.

Even if you say you can 3 turn right now, I bet that you have to swap around servants depending on the types of enemies in the node right?


I have Chacha~

Well, that and Support Waver, Arash, and Umu~ Caster/Francis Drake. I also have Santa Lily. And Fran, and Lancelot…

I have options, but typically, 3-turn-ing isn’t a huge deal for me when I have the bonuses. My main issue is the fact I have none of the big 4… So I’m limited in CQ. I now have Medea Lily though, so I just need a few more caster gems to gain ULTIMATE POWER! The Infinity Pancakes.

Well, she will at least be useful for keeping my Damage dealers alive. Bedi will appreciate it if I ever NP5 him.

Thanks for the answers, I’ll consider to add her to my Chaldea then!

Yes and yes.

Access to double Skadi completely changes the way you can play the game.

Skadi by herself? Ehh, still good, but like Tamamo good.

Double Skadi >>>>>>>>>>>>> double Merlin. Nobody who plays JP will dispute that.

Skadi basically opens up the game’s meta to include Quick teams. She is, essentially, the Quick version of Tamamo, yet as others have mentioned her Double Skadi strategy is very well received in terms of farming.

She is a top tier support without a doubt. There are a variety of teams and strategies you’re going to be able to try with her.

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