About Special Acsension

It’s been a bit now and I’ve mulled it over a few times, but, I’m not sure about who to use this on.

I’m planning on pulling for Bunny!Artoria, but, she isn’t very mat-intensive, so, I’m not sure about saving it for her.

Of the Servants I have, Reines is pretty tempting since I don’t have Waver, but, also Avenger Nobu, Parvati, Atalante Alter, The Amazon Zerk, and Fran Zerk

However, any suggestions will be heeded, except Cas!Gil

Don’t show your entire roster like this. Apparently it can be used to get your account.


Adjustment made

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Generally speaking, it’s best to target a level 1 Servant with lots of bronze mats needed for ascension, to maximise your savings on mats and embers. From the pre-edit screencap, I noticed you had a level 1 Archer EMIYA who might be good on that front - he’s a good all-rounder Servant too, with an AoE NP for wave clear, crit stability for ST damage and mid-to-good survivability for pinch hitter situations.

On the other hand, hitting big-name targets who need all 3 skills is also a good investment - Reines and Caster Helena would be good targets there.

My recommendations would be EMIYA (for maximum efficiency on mats and embers) or Helena (for maximum short-term rewards). Reines doesn’t come into her own until her Rank Up early next year, so you have time and 2 lotteries to help raise her, whereas Helena and EMIYA can be maximally helpful right away.

Reines sure, she’ll benifit from the quick unlock of her skills, but keep in mind you’ll have to level those S1 and S2 as well.

Avenger Nobu… 10 pcs each material, not so expensive, unless you need an Avenger right away

Maybe wait for when you roll Bunny Artoria… you might just get 5☆ spook

Nyalter or Avenger Nobu is probably good

Quick question first.

Are you lacking a Servant who fits a particular role in terms of gameplay?

Personally, I’m holding a lv.1 SSR for SA as backup, but hoping I get Musashi and/or Merlin for the SA.

The Amazon Zerk

Penthesilea! She’s a great support in non-demanding nodes. Fire her up, and let kill stuff!

In your case, I’d plan on Reines unless you pull a SSR that needs it more.

I would not recommend using it on: Atalante Alter, Penthesilea, Parvati because their materials are easy /relatively easy to get

Reines and Helena ascension materials are not too difficult, not too easy
EMIYA has very annoying materials to farm. Fran berserker materials are a little bit more annoying than Avenger Nobu maybe?

not particularly, could use a good looper for Quick or Arts though

If you don’t have any holes in your roster, give it to whomever has the worst material required to ascend. But don’t feel pressured to use it now, we still have 2 months before it expires.

By the way, lottery season is almost here and if you farm enough you can get embers for everyone.