About Summer Little and similar CEs

Which servants would want +NP Gain CEs the most? I’m guessing they work best on servants with already high NP gain, but is it worth putting Summer Little or Cute Orangette on a servant with low base NP gain?

Yeah high NP gain servants benefit the most.

I would say the best servants are Art Loopers like Archer Altria and rider Mordred if you don’t need starting gage.

But I would imagine Single target quick loopers in the DSS system like Melt and MHXA could also benefit from it as well.

Cleo makes good use of Cute Orangette CE. Medusa Lily(Ana) works well with Summer Little. Yagyu is another good candidate to help him loop without his buff active. I can’t think of others off the top of my head atm but there are quite a few servants who can make use of these types of CE’s.

NP gain CEs don’t work as well in servants with poor NP gain, since they are multiplying a smaller number. They do still help, but the opportunity cost is high, especially in comparison to starting charge CEs. Depending on the length of the battle, you’ll probably get more benefit from starting charge, which also allows you to prioritize the servant’s better cards.


Agreed, and I also think that the value of having access to the NP card faster is even a bit understated at times.

I believe we often forget that the NP card is an actual card for the purpose of deck strategy, improving our odds of creating a Brave and/or specific card chain.

It’s not always the case outside of farming strats that an earlier NP is better, but there are many situations where it can set us up for success by getting a crit star and/or NP engine in motion, by wiping out a problematic target before it can disrupt us, and/or by chaining at will with party member NPs to increase overcharge when it matters.

IOW it’s not exactly true that the starting NP gauge is a one-and-done benefit, which is why I don’t often sacrifice it except for the absurd benefit of the Black Grail where warranted, or for an appropriate event or supporting CE where preferred.


Quite the opposite. You don’t benefit from going above 100% and NP gain CEs on servants who already have high NP gain is a complete waste of alternative stats.

Taking the example of Sheba, one crit on her art card when boosted by tamamo gives her 90 or so % recovery on her NP bar, add any other supports and it’s 100%. That’s why bringing gil is a better option for her over say Nero Bride and obviously why NP gain CEs do her no good.

NP gain CEs are even more of weird case as to make use of them you need to find a servant that benefits from that percentage in particular, it’s a very very rare occurrence, even magical girl CE who’s hands down the best NP gain CE has very few instances where it is better than Kscope even after Nero bride strengthening. Summer little struggles even more as it has split stats and really banks on its np gen for relevance.

As for servants who benefit from NP gen CEs, I know that Fujino does. Fujino with magical girl CE (any 30% NP gen CEs, It’s just that magical girl allows you to get started right away) and Nero/Merlin/BB can loop with I believe a quick+art crit and not without. I didn’t make the calc for other servants but there must be other cases as well.

TL;Dr it benefits servants who specifically needs 1-30% more NP gain to reach 100% reliably. So not necessarily low NP gain and surely not high NP gain servants.


Thanks for all the responses. I guess I’ll just have to throw it on some servants and see how things go to figure out who it’ll work best on. For shorter fights kaleidoscope is definitely the way to go, and I do have a mlb black grail and the servants needed to charge to 100% if needed. I just don’t really know how huge an impact 30% NP gain really makes I guess.

As has been referenced, the thing that makes it tough to judge the benefits of NP gain CEs is that you also have to factor in things like crits and overkills. And, unless it is a 100% chance of crit, it can be really hard to plan exactly to get the numbers you need to refill an NP bar. So, there is definitely an element of chance in longer fights when you might be running these types of CEs. Personally, I think it can be fun to at least try out strats like that, even if they may be a bit risky