About Summer Race Event

Do you think it could start in the end of July, as i hope, (on july 26 i get my bonus login 30 sqz) or you think it will start earlyer?

In theory, if i am not wrong, in August we will have only the new summer event, and since i highly doubt it to last a whole month…

I see only 2 options:

1- DW rush, open Summer Race this week and after that, summer event.

But that means having the last half of August without events

2- DW takes its time. Summer race starts last week of July , so from July 27, ends in the second week of August. Then Summer event start and last till September.

What do you think?

I am guessing somewhere between 17th and 23rd of July we will get it.
Also think the small update this morning pre-installed some of the event files.
Tho that is just my guess :P

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Well, i hope not before 17 then…

Also, i see this is your first post.

Welcome :smiley:

I really hope it’ll be at the end of the month since i’m still very busy farming mats.

Maybe this week we’ll receive some info about it.

@Torafuku i hope too.
I need to farm more sqz and tickets for Nitocris Assassin.
The best would be if the event starts in early August…

There is a good chance that Summer Re-run will be right after Anniversary. We have the 11 M downloads campaign coming up which is going to last a week after Summer Re-run, which is itself gonna be a 2 week event. Also Summer 3 lasts 20 days from early August to the end of the month. All of this is assuming we follow the JP schedule.

As long as it appens after 17 july…

In JP, it did last from Aug 9-29, so yes, more or less the whole month.

My estimates are that the Anniversary will conclude at the end of the 22nd. Summer 2 re-run will go from 23rd to 6th of Aug. Then probably a couple dead days till the 10th, which will land us basically right on schedule.


No, 11M DL Campaign was after Summer 3 Event at the end of August/beginning of September.

Summer 2 Rerun lasts for 17 days.

Cant wait for Summer Jalter …

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What you mean is that I may still have a shot at Archuria even after emptying my SQ for BB? That’s fantastic. :fgo_insane:


Pretty sure it will be either on or after 17th so no problems there.

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That’s the plan.

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Hope you are right @Deadsocialskills , i really do.

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Here’s your confirmation.

I’m honestly not surprised, because…


It was kinda hard to miss when it was only two possible dates.

What was the second date?

The 21th.


It would have been 2 weeks since the Anniversary had started by that point.