About Super Radar Rocket and Shadow Latias

I stopped playing by several time, and in the time I do played I never committed to clear the Special Task, until recently that I changed phone and I can play more.

Now straight to the point, I got jammed in TWO Special Research Task “A Challenging Task” and “Misunderstood Mischief”, because I need to beat Giovanni and I don’t want to waste one of the 2 Super Radars I have now into somethin I don’t want (Latias), I know that I lost the chance to get the continuation of Hoopa, but at that time I couldn’t clear it, well, If I clear “A Challenging Task”, will I get a new Rocket Research? And if I do, which one will be “The Takeover Continues” or “Silent Schemes”, that’s important to me, because if I won’t be able to get the previous Super Radars, I prefer to save them into something I do want, I have already a couple Latias, but if I get the previous Task then sacrificing one to advance both task it’s worth the investment.

And, Shadow Latias can be useful or its just another display troph?

We now have Silent Schemes, so if you don’t have this, it will be available when you complete the previous research.
As for shadow Latias, in PvE it has equal DPS as Zekrom and Espeon respectively; in PvP it lacks a cheap charge move, and being shadow hurts its bulk which it relies on (the shadow boost just puts its attack above Dialga and below Palkia). From my view it doesn’t have much use, and will be outclassed everywhere by its twin brother. Shadow Latios will be quite useful as a dual-type attacker, with DPS surpassing Rayquaza and Psychic Mewtwo, and may find a niche in PvP as well.

Im pretty sure you have to complete 7 coloured shadow, or its specific predecessor in the rocket special research to unlock the new one.

Seeing as catching one Sh Latias will complete all researches (assuming you’re at the final “beat Giovanni” stage, there should be nothing lost in completing it. I did, I’ve got a Sh.Latias I don’t want and won’t use but I still have 5 super radars stacked.

Uhm, the reason I am doubting its because that I have the Super Radar Rocket on my storage I can’t gather pieces for the regular one; thus if I decide to skip the Latias I will have to wait 15 days without facing one of the Leaders, and getting 12 km eggs. That annoys me.
On the other hand I have already 4 Latias and knowing that the other one will just be gathering dust on my storage deters me from attempting to waste one Super Radar one an useless pokemon.

So that’s on the scale, wasting 1 Super rocket radar and getting an useless trophy, or being stuck 15 days without facing the sub leaders hoping that the next month pokemon its worth the wait.

@Elastic_Space So all the previous radars were lost for me?

Holding Super Radars doesn’t prevent you obtaining normal Radars and battling Rocket Leaders. Just battle Grunts to collect the Components.

If you’re not getting radar pieces and/or seeing the leaders it’s likely because you’ve either got a full bag, or you have an unequipped ‘standard’ radar in your bag.

Curiosity question, how long will Shadow Latias be available? Wanna hold onto that Super Radar until shortly before it leaves to farm grunts and bosses.

If you don’t count the early days when it was rolling monthly, I don’t think it’s been less than 3 months or so between them rotating. It felt like we had Suicune for about 8 years.

My guess is that it won’t change before GoFest.

Although the only extra the super radar gives you access to is the decoy with the “bell” family. I farmed them relentlessly, got a 91% Victreebel leading my Bulu team.

I’m saving the Radars for something more useful. I’m passing on Shadow Latias. I don’t feel is worth either for PVP or raids. Now, Shadow Latios is a complete different story. I’ll have up to 3 radars for that when the day comes.

If you decide to stick with that plan would you let us know if it works out please. As I understood it, the silent scheme research is a 1-for-1 deal, so you only get it if you complete the previous one (7 coloured shadow) in the current window.

When the next shadow legendary comes out, it’ll switch to another one and silent scheme won’t ever ‘drop’.

I’m hoping GoFest will give another chance at some more ‘stackable’ super radars.

I’m hoping for the same thing; I missed a couple early on and would like to complete my collection. It was nice that apex gave us opportunity for an extra super radar although I feel bad for people who ended up with 2 shadow Latias as a result. I’ve never been so glad a quest made me take 30 days to complete a single step.

I think they’ll get rolled around in time, simply for no other reason than that they’ll not want to release all the shadow legendaries too quickly.

I missed the early shadow legendaries back in the month->month days, caught up with GoFest 2020 but I still want a Sh.Raikou.

I’ve still managed to stack plenty of radars, I’ve got 5 after Latias, but the more I have for the releases of the top tier ones, the better.

I’ll wait until April ends, if Latias doesn’t switch up by then I’ll waste 1 of the Super Radar to advance both quests.

I’ll expose my results by then, fingers crossed.

Cool, thanks, for reference this is how I currently sit:

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I’ve captured all Shadow legendaries so far. I’ve got the super rocket radar and I’ll be saving that one of the next legendary shadow I guess.

It’s your choice of course but that surprises me. I thought, as the ultimate short-man raider, you’d be looking for multiples of the highest DPS candidates.

I checked it out and it seems that this month Giovanni will still use Shadow Latias, I already have a Digi Worth Latias so this one will be just a memento.
I’ll try to clear him starting tomorrow, I’ll complete the Special Research and tell which new Rocket one I got, wish me luck both with defeating him, getting a nice memento and hoping for the best by getting older Rocket Researches.

I have completed my old Rocket Quest, and indeed I got Silent Schemes afterwards so the all previous Rocket Task are a no go for me.
ANd the Latias I got was utterly garbage, I’ll purify it and trade or straight up melt it for the candy.

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Cool, thought so, but good to have it confirmed.

Thank you!!!

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