About the challenge quest

Does death work on the hermit crabs?

Probably but remember it’s super rare in golden enemies, by the way does death work with multiple bar bosses?

I don’t know because I used Nitocris and it didn’t nothing two times with the buff and I’m kinda curious.

It’s expected, death is unreliable, if I remember two lvls that you probably need it it’s on d’eon interlude (though probably not as much now) and that lvl in Babylonia were you can take gramps as support.

Nah I love her and it usually works it’s just here it seems like it doesn’t maybe that’s part of the challenge

It should work but I wouldn’t try to clear the quest by relying on the death mechanic. It’s super unreliable on gold enemies.

@NNKarma Based on this video, it seems that death will just remove one of the health bars on enemies with multiple bars, rather than kill the enemy.

Good enough if that’s the plan one day.

Most enemies have much higher death resistance than you might think. Death only really works for bronze mobs and hands and doors. Its essentiallu useless anywhere else

Arjuna’s NP managed to insta-kill a couple crabs for me.

It does ‘work’…