About the choice of heroes for Resplendent Attires

I really have to wonder. How come there has not been a single Corrin (female) yet?

I thought that would be one of the most popular and guarantee more FEH Pass subs.
Instead we get heroes like Matthew or Effie where i am like:“Wow, these guys must be popular then i guess”.

Or would the shitstorm be to much from F2ps when one of the most beloved hero gets a paywall attire?

PS: Gotta get rid of the old corrin Feet art :upside_down_face:


Ike, Hector and Lyn are definitely more popular than Corrin and nothing bad happend

We can’t know what IS is thinking, especially because the devs love to break patterns after the community finds them, but I assume they’re both trying to give something to reaaaaaally old units (like Effie, Gaius, Serra etc) and to give new fancy outfits to popular units.

For example, I don’t think Brave Ike needed the resplendent because he already had a good art and was a beast gameplay-wise. But he’s popular so of course people will pay for him. But at the same time popular units like F!Corrin or Tharja still doesn’t have a resplendent, even when they need a new art and better stat lines.

Unless they choose units randomnly, and I doubt it, Corrin and many others will get their turn soon or later. They just prioritized other units for some reason


What feet art?

I wouldn’t say there’s much rhyme or reason for who gets resplendents besides being somewhat popular.

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I don’t think popularity is all that big of a factor, sure Shanna and Est have their fans, but as far as popular lance (flier) units go they don’t seem that high on the list compared to others that still lack the Resplendent.

Hence “somewhat” popular.




I’m pretty sure popularity doesn’t factor in who gets a Resplendent… otherwise where’s Cowmilla, tho they probably held her off until the Fairy Resplendent’s came out, but why she’s still yet to get it who knows

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Simplest answer is player analytics.

The Ikes, Chrom, Lucina, and any Archanea and Elibian banners do numbers for them.

Whereas you have
Takumi, Matthew, Effie, Kagero, Sonya, Saber, Ophelia and the like as old meta picks who at one point or another had heavy usage among the player base.

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I just want to mention again how slowly they release resplendants…

There are so many left that I want: Fae, Cecilia, Cherche, Boey, Tiki, Tharja, Klein, Ephraim, Corrins, Ayra, Lute, the original trio…

2034, the next resplendant is Wrys!


Ik you prob mean older Tiki tho


Yes, sorry I meant old Tiki


They probably don’t want to burn all their popular choices in little time


This is why Ayra doesn’t have anything yet

Or so I tell myself


The fact there is only 24 units per year that got the resplendant threatement, it’s obviously snail slow if we take into account the huge number of released heroes…
I think they put less popular heroes a lot more since the beginning because the pass offer more value/they are satisfied with their number of pass users and so don’t need that much to bait player with a popular/good unit resplendant for pushing them to buy the pass.
They release the good ones from time to time to keep their pass user satisfied and that’s it!


For me, i think they’re saving the best selling units for the perfect spot. Like some month whose banners may not look that enticing so they can keep people on the pass with something like Tharja or Camilla. When they give us banners like this summer1, they now people will suscribe for the spark if they need it more than for whatever resplendent is on it. So when they feel people will keep for the spark, they can give us less popular units, like Matthew.


That sounds like a pretty good reason to keep people “passing up”