About the Cobalion event

So, with the Lugia event being cancelled and Cobalion still being in raids, does anybody know how long it will stay? Just wondering since it should have ended this Monday under normal circumstances.

A week. Think of it as Cobalion extended.

It wouldn’t be any different bar having 2 bosses instead of 3.

31 march

So until the end of Thundurus‘ run. Thanks for the info :+1:

9 Cobalions of my own atm. Don’t know yet what to do with any single one. And none is actually good IV in any way…

Too many Cobalion rewards in GBL…wasting way too many balls…I’m supposed to be trying to catch that Genesect, you dig?

10 cobalions here, all completely useless. 9th took a single ball, 10th more than 30… :no_mouth:

I thought there was no hurry for genesect, is there? Cuz i’m stuck at the electric catch step…