About the Critical star

I just want to ask about this, what is the difference between Critical star generation rate and critical star absorption ??

Generation affects the probability that a face card hit will produce stars. At very high values, more than one star may be produced per hit (usually with Quick cards).

Absorption is how likely a Servant is to pull stars to themselves or to specific cards of theirs in the case of Command Codes and certain skills.


do note that stargen is limited to 3 stars per hit, according to a facecard or np’s hit count. likely to not really matter in a practical case, but it is a limitation that does exist.


So the summary is probably like this :

  1. Generation is something that how many stars that servants can produce per hit
  2. Absorption is the thing, after you produce stars then how many of them distributes to that servant

Is it like that ??

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Each hit has a chance to drop a star based on card type and affected by factors such as Servant passives (most commonly Presence Concealment, which Assassins very often have) and skills that increase star generation directly or by buffing card effectiveness. GP has an article on how this works if you want to dive into the numbers.

Star absorption is somewhat randomized, but it is generally true that higher star absorption (or “weight”) means that you get more stars. The greater the difference, the more likely that Servant’s card(s) will draw stars.

But yes, you got the idea :slight_smile:



Generation is a % chance per hit to make a star. As per ooyodo, the maximum is 300%.

Absorption is more complicated
Absorption is how likely that servant’s cards will get a star, randomly rolled per star. Say you have a rider (200), a saber (100), and a caster (50). The game rolls a roulette for each star to see where it goes. On average the rider will get twice as many stars as the saber, and the saber will get twice as many stars as the caster. It is completely RNG, and there are extra mechanics to make it even more random.


In addition to what’s already been said, here’s a quick guide as to how exactly star absorption is calculated if you’re interested.


Thank you

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Appreciate it, thanks for the guide

I never expect the luck stats though. I thought it was just some memes , LOL

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luck only changes the values by maybe 4 at max.
it might matter a little bit for avengers and berserkers since 9 vs 11 matters a bit more when you have to multiply it with an Effect or CE.

Luck affects star absorb?

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Minimally (it only increases it by like 4% and could even lower it if luck stat is low) but yeah, I didn’t know about it either until I saw these images about two years ago.

Kinda makes sense they’d do that though since Luck is usually the stat that determines crit chance in other games. But this is the first time I’ve seen (bad) luck lowering someone’s crit chances. :woman_shrugging:


Luck affect star gather as much as strength affects damage, which is minimal. Generally you don’t miss anything even if you pay them no attention at all.

Technically, Luck doesn’t affect star absorption, it’s just a factor the devs consider when setting the servant’s base star absorption value. The ability ranks don’t directly affect any calculations, they’re just fluff that informs the servant’s hidden internal parameters.

EDIT: As I recall, the other ability ranks correlate with:

STR: Attack
AGI: Stargen
MP: NP gen

I don’t think the NP rank influences anything.


I have wondered before why zerkalot with his tissue paper defense had an endurance rating much higher than the immortal cockroach cu. But if it’s just a measure of hp pool not actual staying power, then of course a 4* servant is likely to be higher than a 3* servant.

Nah, rarity has nothing to do with the ability ranks. They originate from the VN, where they had no mechanical significance, merely narrative. Cu’s ability ranks came from F/SN, and Zerkalot’s from F/Zero, both before any game existed wherein the ranks actually mattered.

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