About the game's state


What do you guys think about Dragalia Lost right now and its future?


It’s tough to say, there is so much that has happened with the game recently.

Until void battles, the game had become a bit repetitive and grindy, but they seem to have made some effort to reduce the grind and add more varied content.

Then there is also the Nintendo statement about reducing micro-transaction and specifically calls out Dragalia Lost.

I’m hopeful that they continue to support the game and refine it, FGO had it’s issues on launch in JP and it’s just become a better game over the years.

I would personally like to see them reduce the character limitations the game has in place; Co-abilities kinda force you to not play the character you have because another player already is using them, if you want an optimal setup, and resistances really effect what content a character is good in.


As someone who has played many different gachas over the years (including Summoner’s War, Brave Frontier, Epic7, Grand Chase) Dragalia Lost is the only mobile game I have thoroughly enjoyed. I’m sure there were others, but I was one of the people that left feedback about giving people a second Wyrmprint slot. Two months later they were already setting that up. O.o

The fact that Nintendo has directed CyGames to reduce micro-transactions is amazing. This isn’t a cash cow for Nintendo. They are a company that wants to create iconic IPs that people can grow with. This fact alone makes me more wiling to spend money, even if it’s just money to unbind 5* dragons.

The action JRPG elements are amazing. Just being able to dodge/roll/evade is amazing in and of itself and I think that with the additional improvements to team AI, this game will only continue to push developers in a new dynamic direction.

Also the music and humor in this game is amazing. You can really tell that they care about bringing personality to every story event, which really helps create a bond with whoever your favorite waifu/husbando is (fingers crossed for Mym adventurer/Fat Notte/Jacked Luca/Leif/Forte).

Also I really love the emphasis on coop as opposed to PVP. Whether they do PVP in the future is still up in the air, but I feel like any gacha that emphasizes PVP over content(like that’s their main priority) is lazy and is looking for a 2-year cashcow that dies in obscurity (die slow Summoner’s War).

Overall, I’m really excited about what they have already accomplished as far as game mechanics and quality of life improvements. It’s hard to believe this game hasn’t even hit 6 months yet. I hope they continue to innovate and push the developers to create something really iconic. Don’t settle for a few whales when you have the opportunity to turn everyone into dolphins!


The dev team’s responsiveness to feedback is really promising. Aside from the smaller QoL changes, they’ve also done a lot to break up the monotony by adding Void battles, increasing the difficulty of Challenge Battles, and leveling the sharp incline towards High Midgardsormr.

I still think the event cycle is a bit repetitive though, and would really enjoy the addition of a new event type. There were rumors about a dungeon-crawling mode and that sounds super fun. They’ve done a great job keeping the combat fresh with a high skill ceiling, but I think the exploration aspect of the story mode is under-utilized.


I have enjoyed this game from day one and I appreciate all he work that has been put into it. My only gripe is the *5 summon voucher allows for duplicates to be pulled. The things cost $25. The least they could do is program it such that a duplicate can’t be pulled.


There’s definitely room for improvement in the game, but it’s so far been a very smooth experience, with a great localization and a highly responsive dev team. I enjoy the action combat, and the main story appears to be going places, finally. I’m still not sure if Dragalia will develop the same affection in me that I have for, say, FGO or Granblue Fantasy (GBF is by far the closest point of comparison, design-wise), but it’s on track, from my perspective.

That said, I would advise folks pinning their hopes on the news about Nintendo allegedly directing the team to reduce microtransactions with a large grain of salt. The reporting around that story is confused by the desire some press and fans have to demonize gacha and valorize Nintendo, despite the fact that the Big N runs one of the most predatory gacha games out there (Fire Emblem Heroes). When it comes to this style of game, only ever believe it when you actually see it happening.


Currently, I feel the game is at a good point for its age, it’s second behind FEH which has been around a good minute longer. The dev team listens to its audience, apologizes for inconveniences, and is generous with gifting compared to FEH from what I’ve seen. Because it’s still a baby game in my eyes, I don’t have many grievances since it’s still being updated, edited, made nice.

I played FEH for a while and got bored and annoyed with it for a bunch of reasons, Dragalia has yet to do anything to make me delete the game, and with how the team treats its players it makes me feel less guilty about spending some money on it. I’d love for the game to help new players for a while longer (more than it does right now) since new and more difficult content is being unloaded onto us and with facility events, it feels as though new players have a disadvantage with High Trials especially, I joined around the end of Wish to the Winds and my shrine from that event has been stuck at 20. A way to obtain past facility at least would be fantastic. As well as more love for dark units. It’s my favorite typing and I’m super biased about it.

TL;DR : Dragalia is going in a good direction and I hope that they continue to build it and its fanbase. I want it to run FEH and Lyn into the ground.


Since ive been playing since day 1, i can tell that this game has been the most generous by far in terms of the developers giving out free stuff when a bug/glitch occurs that can ruin the gameplay for other players compared with FEH devs. Some of the banners that have come out till now have been giving players a 10 summon ticket so this allpws f2p a shot at the 5*s dispite the summon rate… If you want to know where FEH got those free summon tickets in forging bonds, this game gave them that idea. The other thing i like is the castle, (personally i wish we could see castle lv beside other players we co-op with so that way you can get a feel where there stats are but that could be implemented later), having structures that stat boost really improve charecters so technically there is no teir rank on who can do what better, it all depends on building’s level in the end.

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The state of the game right now is a bit precarious, but with the proper development leadership, will see solid QoL improvements to better incentivize gameplay over grinding.

I’m very hopeful that Nintendo does the right thing and continues to oversee Cygames’ development, and to ensure a better brand development for the long haul. As such, I’ve been alright with spending on this game over other mobile titles. I really like the new Void dungeons and hope they continue to add to them, to help build out that overall ‘depth’ to the game.

I am a bit concerned about the long game when it comes to the Halidom, as the dojos get ridiculously hard to grind up beyond 16/20. Looking forward to the mechanics revamps with multiple Wyrmprints and any other improvements they make that help improve the depth of the game as well.

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I would agree that the type of content and repetitiveness is definitely the biggest worry for Dragalia as well. Most gachas I have played and some of the most popular ones revolve around a turn-based combat system while Dragalia has an action based system. This potentially allows for the game to have content that is completely unique in the gacha genre due to the combat system alone, namely a dungeon crawling aspect like Kiera mentioned.

However, a lot of the content, especially end-game, requires killing a boss as quickly as possibly using the best single target DPS’ers in the game. Out of the three content fights in the game currently (Imperial Onslaught, Void Battles and High and Normal Dragon Trials), only one is somewhat more focused towards fighting lots of enemies in a bigger arena, and even then the best way to clear Onslaught stages is to just melt the boss and disregard adds sometimes.

I definitely think the challenge battles that are available during facility events adds a little diversity to the type of content available, since you need to switch tactics to try and kill a lot of adds as quickly as possible and then zerg down the boss once he spawns. The addition of the master difficulty was definitely great too, since it can be thought of as end-game due to both its difficulty and that sweet 500 wyrmite.

The other problem presented by having a lot of endgame content being against a single big baddie, is that some characters in the game will naturally be less useful than others. While resistances are, in my opinion, the stat that will dictate where you should use the hero (along with their element of course), other passives and even skills can really make them shine too. Our boi Xander does insane work in Fire Onslaught; potentially solos it if geared enough. But will burn to death in a Brunhilda fight, not to mention have a worthless passive in Striker’s Strength and have his Skill 1 hit lower due to not having buffs from said Striker’s Strength. But that itself is totally fine! One hero shouldn’t dominate in every aspect of the game and no one really does. But if the hero is designed for add clear (Xander/Naveed/Julietta/anyone with slayer’s or striker’s strength), they are inherently less useful than a hero designed for single target damage since the best use you can have for them is to do IO stages, which, out of the 3 content fights, is the least demanding and easiest.

So in around 66% of content (not including events but even then its kind of similar) you could be using a more optimal hero. But of course, if that character is your favorite waifu/husbando then who cares use 'em anywhere right?

So coming from a balance perspective, I would definitely like for future content to be along the lines of exploration and engaging in multiple fights to take advantage of the battle system, and to also provide a place for heroes who have kinda become glorified IO destroyers. Of course, as a brand new IP, only out for basically 6 months, I definitely think so far, the game has been wonderful. It’s natural to expect a sense of stagnation or repetition I think after this long, but going forward I hope Cygames does their best to shake things up a bit instead of following a generic formula of sorts.


One thing too is, newcomers find it really hard to catch up in this game as they missed all the facility events and alot of character building materials are rewards from raid events.

I have a friend join me recently but it has been really hard for him to progress as he is not getting enough orbs, dragonfruits and insignias.


While this is true for nearly every mobile game, I think it feels more evident in Dragalia Lost because of its co-op capabilities. You can see a clear difference in progression and power when playing alongside someone with double your Might value!

Honestly, I think it’s one of the easiest mobile games to catch up in! True - the older facilities from events are helpful, but are not always a make or break aspect of the game. The press release they had a few months ago even mentioned that every building will see a comeback within a year of its initial release. While this can be a bit frustrating, it at least means that any player who sticks it through will eventually obtain the same potential any other player who plays sees.

On that note, you’ll notice a lot of event Wyrmprints that are actually identical in effectiveness. Plunder Pals and Hitting the Books both provide a +25% Skill Damage boost when MUB. While a long-time player of the game might be disappointed in this, it means (1) power creep is a little less prevalent and (2) this is a ‘rerun’ for any newer players to take advantage of a solid freebie event reward.

Also, if you build carefully and focus on Might stacking initially, you can actually boost-grind much faster than in other games. Simply hit the required Might, then play in multiplayer with your friends! While it can be a bit annoying at first with your wimpy unit, just be persistent and know that as a new player, you’re actually seeing faster progression than any other player who started from scratch alongside the rest of the player base!

One big suggestion I’d give them is to hold on to gacha-based event Wyrmprints that lost their effects after the event finished. (For example, Garuda Feathers) Since we have yet to see a rerun, it’s possible those cards will be replaced or hopefully, be reused for reward farming. If they prepare those cards, they’ll be capable of farming all the rewards in those events when they crop up again!

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Thanks for the advice. Yes I’d ask him to save the prints. Here is hoping they will have reruns soon.

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The thing is, by being a collaborative down to the development, the game itself can have crossovers with other things in the other’s franchises. Ultimately, they realize that a not insignificant portion of the player base loves the Shironeko nostalgia and they can do more than just collab with Brave Frontier. They can bring in all the characters from Granblue and Rage of Bahamut they want. We can get new dragons in the form of Charizard and maybe a legendary or two. Maybe we get to craft event limited super weapons with a Xenoblade crossover. We’ve seen it with the Fire Emblem announcement and best of all, what collaborations happen will be a good indication of when Dragalia is actually dying: The Idolmaster in the case of Cygames and Professor Layton in the case of Nintendo. No matter what, DL definitely has at least three years with the UI one touch Shironeko stuff. Its easy, it’s fun, intuitive, and who doesn’t love a good ol’ hack and slash with crazy dps and floating numbers?