About the legendaries in the Sinnoh region

Does anybody think that Darkrai will become the newest EX Raid Boss? Also. where’s Heatran and Regigigas?

Darkrai has been speculated upon often, and common consensus is that it or Arceus will be the next EX boss after Deoxys has finished its run. Could potentially be in regular raids though, or as special research, but it’s a potential money earner so it would make sense for it to be repeatable.

We had Heatran around Christmas, but it will be back at some point, I’m sure. All legendaries return at some point.

Regigigas was speculated to appear a few weeks ago, but then the Lake Trio appeared. It will be here at some point though, I’d say before the year is up certainly.

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I did not know that Heatran had already made an appearance. I started my account the last day of January this year. Unfortunately, I have been unable to play much during these events and things due to my dad hating the game and not allowing me to play during the week. I wish I would have gotten Heatran.

I’m sure someone would be willing to trade it to you. Plenty of people got a lot of them just by reward hunting. You might be able to find someone that has a low IV one or something that they can trade.

Like I said, it will be back at some point, perhaps even in research breakthroughs, but most likely in raids for a short period with a chance at a shiny.

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Regigigas is lurking behind the shadow of Inevitability, waiting for the perfect moment. When the Lake Trio has finished, and when Kyogre, Rayquaza and Groudon have come and gone a second time. When the Legendary Beasts have been Shinied and retired, and the Legendary Birds have flown the skies above Gyms one last time. When the Gyms have been changed so that Normal Types are no longer the main Defenders, and so the four-armed monsters are no longer required, and so are released from their service to enjoy their well-earned rest.

Then - and only then - with Regigigas STRIKE. While their most potent adversary sleeps, wary from three - nay, by that time, four years of constant work, four years of daily battling, of fainting and being revived (sometimes multiple times in a single battle!), that is when Regigigas will emerge from behind the mountain of inevitability and will strike fear in the hearts of Trainers! THAT is when we will finally see the Mountain of Normalcy stand above our Gyms.

And not one moment before.

…or maybe in June, when the Lake Trio has left Raids and Niantic has stood by their decision to essentially make them Regional Legendary’s (and so for the vast majority of Trainers, insanely expensive to trade for when the opportunity arises. Yeah, like I’m going to spend 1,000,000 Stardust for a Dex-Filler - or ANY Pokémon, for that matter.) and we need something for June. We’ll find out in 4 days whether we’re going to get Regigigas in June (May 27th onward) or if Niantic is going to rotate the Lake Trio to new regions for June and July.

As for Heatran, it’ll be back probably in the summer as part of a special event week, like Latios and Latias were. Possibly two weeks of it, if they re-release it as a Shiny. And while I don’t PREDICT this, I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a full month of Heatran again, possibly after the Lake Trio is done being in raids.

As for Darkrai? It could be part of the EX Raids after Deoxys. It could also be part of a Special Quest, like Mew, Celebi and Meltan (and Spiritomb). I would imagine that we won’t know for sure for quite a while. Personally I hope they change the EX Raid system entirely as it’s become an aggravation rather than a reward; I stopped trying to even help trigger an EX Raid months ago because they were happening at times when I couldn’t attend them anyway (1:00pm on a Thursday? 10:30am on a Tuesday? Nope.). (The change I would make would be to lock a gym for the entire day, and have the EX raids starting every 30min or so. So start at 5:00am, then 5:30, 6:00, etc. right through to the end of the day, and you can jump into whatever time slot you want.)


Darkrai is a mythical Pokémon. However, unlike its fellow mythicals to this point, Darkrai is actually pretty good. While Niantic could follow their own set pattern and make Darkrai a part of a research questline, I don’t think they’ll do that. They’d leave too much money on the table doing that. I believe Darkrai will ultimately become an Ex-Raid boss before being released to raids in general in the future, likely after the 5th Gen has been released, possibly as a weekend event type thing. Similar to how we experienced Rayquaza recently.

Regigigas seems to be next in line in visiting our typical T5 raids for June. The only thing I could imagine delaying that would be rotating the Lake Trio availability in certain regions. Please Niantic, do not do that.

Unmentioned in this thread, and fitting the theme of “legendaries in the Sinnoh region” is the formal God of Pokémon Himself, Arceus. I believe Arceus will follow Darkrai in being an Ex Raid boss. How Niantic will handle Arceus’ many forms beyond me.

Funny, I got an EX Raid pass my first time raiding in a park. Haven’t gotten one since! The time of the raid was 5:45-6:15 PM! 19 People attended that raid. We kicked Deoxys’ (Defense Form) ass!

I’m betting (and hoping honestly) that Arceus is a special research and not an EX raid. Darkrai as an EX seems reasonable though but Arceus is PvP material (like Mew) and should be lore-driven.

I don’t know, Arceus is incredibly powerful, so if it was a special research feature, it would be equally hard to complete I’d bet.

Barring some sort of modification to its current moveset, Arceus actually looks quite underwhelming.

That said, its moveset resembles that of its past mythical questline friends; sporadic and somewhat uninspiring. Mew’s moveset is too big, Celebi’s is just abysmal, Arceus’ is bad. But, if it’s going to be a one time only mon, may as well not be one which would be really good and useful, so that Niantic doesn’t leave money on the table.

Darkrai performance have been damped by Giratina-O movement change in the last minute before realease. Personally, I’ m most interest on Shaymin sky form arrival (but I hope it doesn’t end with hidden power as a fast move).

Maybe Arceus’s moveset is placeholder? We know all 18 types of it are in game, I massively doubt they would leave such a bizarre moveset across all of them. Remember that the Deoxys formes received new movesets shortly before release, as did Giratina-O.

Not really. Darkrai still has superior or roughly equivalent DPS against ghost and psychic types and its resistances to each of those types helps it stay in a hell of a lot longer.

I hope you’re right.

Thing is, I feel like it’ll be difficult to give Arceus a good moveset. Or at least, a good moveset for all of its forms. One which would be reasonably and realistically accessible.

Is Niantic going to give each and every form its own moveset? If so, how do they handle its release? I definitely don’t think they’d release each typing in its own individual month, as obviously a year and a half of the same Pokémon would have zero chance of sustaining the crowd.

Perhaps this is the time to introduce held items, where we’d have the Plates for each typing and could manipulate Arceus’ typing to our will? I’d really like that, even if they’d be the only items in the game. Even if only Arceus would be able to hold them for whatever reason.

It’s another symptom of Niantic’s inability to look ahead when the initial groundwork was laid out. IIRC Tyrogue was withheld from the baby wave of Gen 2, likely because they didn’t know how to handle its branched evolutions or what to do with everyone’s separately collected Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan candy.

Every gen beyond Gen 1 has at least one species like this. I wanna see how they handle the Karrablast/Shelmet evolutions next gen, if they even bother attempting their gimmick.

I doubt that Arceus would get its altered forms. If it did though, it would occur most likely through the weather/habitat. That or the plates would come from gifts sent by friends. Agree? Anybody?

I’m going to assume Arceus does get all its different forms since, at one point, I believe Chrales datamined that they’re all in the game’s code.

If Arceus does become available as an EX raid boss, either the forms will rotate or we’ll have some way to access the plates to change its forms. If Niantic does implement the plates, my guess is those would be included in the raid rewards. It would be strange to get them any other way, especially for people who can’t really do EX raids as they’d end up with a useless item. Having the forms rotate or be randomized would probably be the easiest thing for Niantic to do though.

Having it be weather dependent wouldn’t go over well, as some parts of the world don’t get snow, for instance, or have very limited amounts of rain. Having it be habitat/biome dependent would be bizarre, as I assume that would require the EX raid to happen in that location (which would drive people nuts). Also, areas with limited biome variety would get screwed.

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I don’t think rotating Arceus formes will go over well. It’s one thing for Deoxys who only has 4 of them, it’s another when there’s more formes than there are months in a year. I haven’t the slightest idea what the best method of implementing them would be but I really hope it isn’t rotational EX raids.


In regards to Arceus, I agree with TheBiggestLeaf. They are probably place holders until its release is finalized. Deoxys is currently the only Mythical/Legendary with its signature move, Psycho Boost. If Arceus gets released it should be given Judgement as a charge. And seeing how all it’s different types are in the game, Judgement will probably change alongside Arceus’s type.

It could be a bad move, but I don’t think Niantic will make it bad like they did with Psy Boost. Unlike Deoxys, Arceus can actually be a fantastic pokemon in both PvE and PvP. Like Fairy type Arceus with DT/Judgement (fairy) could be pretty cool.