About the original normal compilations

Hi guys. And girls. Hi everyone. I just tried to play the game and I found a lot of new stuff. Among other things, the new manuals.

I didn’t care (they seem slightly better as far as I am concerned) until noticed that… maybe we are not receiving any more divine codes 1? I mean, I have been getting together divine codes 1 for months, to get distant counter, and I just needed one or two more months to get it… Maybe a little more, but I was closer… what happens now? Must I restart my collection again? Come on, they can’t do this to me :sob:, tell me I am wrong and we will keep getting divine codes 1… please…



Ok, so you are saying that the divine codes 2 can be used as divine codes 1 but not in the other direction?


Pretty much.


:dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash:

Maaaaaaaaaaaan, I was suddenly in panic mode. I need to play more often, this stuff keeps getting me by surprise… Thanks so much.


Don’t worry, it’s all good

Good luck on DC :fgo_davinci:


Rest assured and good that you took your doubt. If I were in Gp before I would avoid many mistakes and expenses that I regret today. Lol.


Thanks. By the way, I got another doubt related to this. It’s about the red compilations. I always end up with 30 to 70 red divine codes when they stop giving us the same number. Now I see that the divine codes repeat after some time, so my question would be… when we come back to the same number, will we keep the divine codes that we had last time?

For example, I have 70 red divine codes 2. When we come back, next year or so, will I still have those 70? And will I be able to get again the same manuals I already have, or will they remain picked?

Nope. The manual selection changes from last year. It says 2 but it’s entirely different.

Oh. Well, whatever. For all I know next year I could be dead. In fact, for all I know next year we all could be dead. 2021 didn’t start too promising T.T

Thank you.

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