About the Skadi Banner

According to this site she will be released on the 29th of June.

According to this site at the end of July: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qvxLU407QwiFaCvItqR16SqqAVlLD5u5nBzY_bCFYvs/edit#gid=1974990109

which one is it know?

As far as I know, it’s not completely clear, as some schedule shuffling had to be done to account for the earlier date for NA’s anniversary.


End of July is the JP schedule. But since our anniversary falls a bit earlier, people are anticipating it landing the end of June for NA. Nothing has been officially confirmed.


NA Anniversary is at the end of june so it would be logical for the anniversary event to be released around this date. The problem is that skadi needs many ascension mats that wont be released until Lostbelt 2, so DW must either bring us Lostbelt 2 earlier or delay the anniversary event till mid july.


Current expectations are as follows.

  • Since LB2 mats are needed for Skadi, LB2 will likely he released soon or immediately after the Guda Guda 3 event.

  • With Guda Guda running until the end of the 16th, that leaves a 2 week gap between then and the and of the month, enough time for LB2 to drop and give players time to finish.

  • With there being a livestream or rl event scheduled for July 3 (or 4, can’t remember since I didn’t pay attention to the details), the stream is expected to be about Anniversary.

So right now anni banner is expected early July from what I’m seeing and hearing here and there.


Moving LB2 a month ahead because of the Anniversary isn’t too unusual. NA already did something similiar during the first Anniversary with regards to Camelot.

In JP of 2016, Camelot was released on July 25 and the first Anniversary was released on July 30. Since the Anniversary was released after Camelot, it meant that Lancer Artoria could be added to the GSSR.

If NA decided to keep the original release date of Camelot it would mean that Camelot would have been after the Anniversary so Lancer Artoria wouldn’t have been on the GSSR. The NA version had already received a bunch of criticism and complaints because of how the 2017 Thanksgiving GSSR was too early and Mordred and Jack didn’t end up on the lineup unlike the original GSSR. So since the NA’s first anniversary was a month early, Camelot had to be released a month early in order to fit in Lancer Artoria which is why we got it June 28 instead of July 25.

So since 3rd Anniversary is expected to be released a month sooner, it’s also expected that LB2 be released a month sooner in order to ensure that Napoleon is added to the GSSR and so people have access to LB2 materials that are needed by Skadi.