About the Tana manual next update

Next update there will be new ephemera units in which tana is one of the 5 star, i have her +atk and +1, my question is should i merge her or fodder her, she has guidance for fodder but i dont run it on my units one of the reasons i suck at this game (i dont use teleport), Another reason is that she is outclassed in the defensive lance flier dept by atena (fe5 flier demote), cormag(fast anti sword tank) and heath (lance DC flier) She is useful in teams with armored and infantry allies she has her weapon refined and she is useful but building 5 star exclusives its not that useful when they are outdated.
¿Should i merge or fodder the tana manual?

Depends on your use of her right now.
Are you using her alot? Do you like using her?
If shes just a bench warmer its useless to merge her up


If you get the manual, you can decide later. She has a slightly stronger Close Def built in which is severely underrated imo. She’ll also be on the docket for a resplendent one of these days so keep that in mind. This is 49Def/Res on foe initiation:


I havent used her on a long time, i recently used her for the lance quest of the freya map on lunatic book 4.
She hardly killed sword kris. she also lacks skills

I’d say hold on to the manual if you’re unsure, but only fodder if there’s a direct, immediate need for the skill.