About those Aether Resort Quests

I already built my Fields and filled them with crops yesterday! Do I have to wait until next season to do these quests just because IS threw this on us today when the new feature came out yesterday?? Why wouldn’t someone want to try out a brand new feature the day it comes out? Seems kinda BS, Now I have to wait to get my orbs unless I want to waste R&R Affinity.

No worries! :birbpeek:


Wow, that’s great! I almost feel bad for complaining now. Goes back to what I said yesterday on a different thread about fans not giving IS enough credit.

Complaints are still valid because IS had no reason to not put the field AND the quest for building the field in the game at the same time, but they decided to wait a few days after a lot of players already built it


Yeah IS should have considered that. I always look at the new stuff on the first day after the update. Same goes with the fields yesterday.

Compensation orbs?

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