About to +10 Katarina. Trait and skill recommendations

I have more than enough copies of Katarina, a good chunk of them as 4-star specials, to +10 her. I don’t want to give her Arcane Eclipse since she has her own unique weapon (even if it’s outdated) and also I don’t think she has the Atk Stat to make use of it. I’m also unsure which asset to go for between Atk, Spd and Res, all of which are options without spending fruits.

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If you want to make use of Reese’s Tome, your best bet is probably to go all in on her Res and turn her into a debuff bot. Something like this:

Oh god her stats are so bad

If you want her to be a more combat-oriented unit, go +Spd. Although in that case I’d still replace her weapon with Raudrfox, Luminous Grace, etc. for better consistency. Arcane would still be better since it gives her pseudo-NFU, but if you don’t want to invest that much, that’s fine. Not like Katarina is gonna tear up PVP either way.
Just go all out on offenses. If she gets hit, she dies.


Just make her a buff bot like in build 1.

That’s what happens with years of power creep and getting your weapon refine early. This is why I want another tier for refines.