I’m shocked… but also not really?? Like dear gods IS is doing all of these little things lately that just BEG for your money like the little feh pass options that were there even if you weren’t a subscriber, and at first I was kinda like “ok its fine just ignore it” but this crap is starting to pile up exponentially. Y’all remember when IS wasn’t so damn thirsty??? When did we start subscribing to this kind of corporate greed? Like… has anyone else been talking about this?? I tried looking for another thread like this but I didn’t which is why I’m writing it… but I guess like I said at the beginning, it’s appalling… but also not.

At least “His Father’s Son” is available at the Concert Hall now… I stan some Tellius content


Yes, I’m so glad they added Ross to the music selection :feh_lucinasmug:


The other thing that has been high-key aggravating is that every time I click on the Quest Fountain, it opens directly up to FEH Pass quests, every single time. Like, GREAT the fountain doesn’t glow anymore, but you’re still sticking it in my eye in the most passive aggressive way :triumph:


Probably since those are the only quests not completed? Usually anything claimed goes to the back to make way for uncleared quests.


Actually nah I dont


No one told me Ross has a theme song :eyes:


Maybe because it’s positioned as the last of my uncompleted quests, which it will remain I guess, since I won’t complete it.

If you leave the arena quest or even the AA one that one would open instead. But yeah, then you can forgot to do them.

I don’t see it, but perhaps because I have enough orbs for a yolo. It will go away once you have 5 orbs.



:feh_nix: :white_check_mark:
:feh_lotsaborbs: :x:


Judging by the other Nintendo mobile games I’m telling you guys most of these are not IS’s decisions. I love Nintendo in the console market but hot dang are they shameless when it comes to mobile games. As soon as mario run flopped they started getting their advice from EA


I have 28 orbs and still saw it. Might also have to do with people who don’t have feh pass(I let my subscription run out so I don’t have it anymore)


Huh, I had no idea they did that. Then again…
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Edit: I checked, it does show up for me, but only on the summoning screen. Still easy to ignore since I skip most banners and don’t buy Orbs.


Not a big deal to be honest.


The point is Feh used to be pointed to as an example of restraint when it came to loot boxes and gotcha games. It’s getting progressively harder to make that case despite it still being Nintendo’s most lucrative mobile game


It seems to be based on if you actually bought the packs. I did so it doesn’t show up for me (since there aren’t any to actually buy)


Yep, this seems to be the answer. I did buy the Forma pack to hold onto the soul gem for a different Forma unit in a new event. I’ll also be getting the starter pack with Lyn so I can have a neutral Lyn for any guides. Merged mine when I thought she was done being used when she wasn’t. PM1 may use her again since she’s easy to grab again. Still wish I had my neutral Veronica - had thought the same she was done, but apparently not. Neutral Miciah is here to stay indefinitely. Besides GO is very coveted, so definitely no merge for her.


To be honest, I don’t mind the new change to the summon screen since it directly relates to summoning. If it was on the home and battle screen I’d be a little annoyed though.

FEH is definitely one of the better games I’ve played regarding microtransactions, but please don’t forget that this IS still a gacha game and they DO want people to spend money where they can get them to :smile:


With how convoluted the summoning pool is, combined with the fact that many here have spent more than 200 orbs without even getting a focus unit is worrisome. The horror story of someone here trying to summon Annette, only to be crushed by getting a Surtr is disheartening and still in my recent memory.

I believe that the 280 orbs we get on average monthly doesn’t longer fill the bill for F2P players.