Accelerate special trigger (Cooldown count -2)

Galeforce heaven right here


Maybe the special has to deal damage in order to apply, then?


Fuuuuuuuuuuu… Didn’t think about that. I intended it to only apply to damaging specials. I’ll try to adjust wording.


well shit now it sucks


Just add “If special activates before or during combat.”, I think.

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Flat damage specials would probably appreciate this the most. Especially Blue Flame. But not sure of the maths to see if it’s entirely worth it.

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That’s usually the wording for special spiral type effects where the special activating is what causes the effect and not how it activates. Like when Ares first came out I thought he got CD -2 after every combat regardless of if his special activate during that combat.

Is this a weapon effect? An a, b, c or s slot?

Is it a start of turn 1 effect? A constant effect like slaying weapons?

1 charge Black Luna seems pretty good to me

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I thought of it as a Prf effect but knowing IS it would show up as a C slot or something eventually


Blue flame would do 18 damage when adjacent

18 damage is around how much you can get from Moonbow or Glimmer or a spd based special, in fact slightly more

Except it has 1 CD instead of 2

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1 CD special dealing 18ish damage? Another Larcei!


Ok I think Blue Flame would be the winner here

Though I’m sure Bonfire or Iceberg or Luna would be great

2 minus CD is imo too strong, you’re getting a 1 CD effect that adds 18 damage


It would be great on more supportive heroes though, who lack sufficient offenses and defenses.

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Tbh it would be good on anyone, essentially turning them into Larcei

If it was a prf that’s still great though a bit more limiting.

You could use Times Pulse to precharge a Blue Flame every turn

Or actually…

You could use Ignis, Glacies or Astra, and use SS to have it every combat


Probably not a c slot

If it was a c slot imagine having baby Caeda or Y!Marth or someone with SS and having a constant Astra, or someone like Ares with a constant Ignis with vantage

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Good point, I just said C bc it’s kind of like TP. Maybe A to prevent a DC combo? Or B to prevent a Vantage combo?


If it were a b slot there’d be no point because SS is a b slot

If it were an a slot that would maybe be ok

Obviously it would be best as a prf weapon

Because otherwise BK could do Brave Sword+Black Luna+new a slot and just kill everything on initiation, maybe chuck a Vantage or something on there or I dunno


At least Blue Flame is a very rare offensive skill, plus it has the requirement of staying adjacent to at least 1 ally to proc at full power (adjacency debuffs could help mitigate it somewhat). But yeah, 18 flat damage added onto each attack on potentially every attack is too much. Agreed, -2 CD is too free.

Agreed that it would be nice and at least somewhat balanced as an A slot, but it’s probably best as a Prf effect. As an inheritable skill in some way, it would be the stuff of nightmares to come. Unless it had an additional condition like “if unit’s Atk < foe’s Atk - 5” to limit who could make effective use of it.

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As an a slot it still comes with a myriad of problems

Imagine Fir with her prf, Wrath, and this special

+20 flat damage on Glacies which already hits way too hard, and precharged at the start of every turn

I think 2CD is just too much to reduce by.

1 CD would just be worse Times Pulse however

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still a cool idea tho

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