Accidental high merges/manuals

Please share your good accidental merges or tragic manuals that you’ve have.

I’ve probs tried Myrrh on her banner once and she just kept on coming via other banners/free draw
And I’ve never drawn on a Zelgius banner before so… Yeah.

As for manuals… I love you Nagi and the skills you have but you really need to stop breaking me before I get the units I want :sob::sob: another was the Hoshidan Festival Elincia. Great art surely but everything else… Hm.


Probably this:

Got him FOUR TIMES IN A ROW, when going for Naga

This one I’m not gonna complain, because I use her for Abyssal maps :3


“Oh? What’s that? You don’t like Ike? Well, too bad.”

(No, I didn’t pull for any of them. All pitybreakers or free summons.)


The three Brave Hectors I got trying to merge my L-Tiki are the only notable example. Because I so rarely pull on normal banners, I almost never get random pity breakers, and when I do, they’re always a wide variety of units instead of the same one over and over.

I forgot which leg banner was it but Phina was on it and it was my first copy (now she’s +4 LOL) and she’s so good as both a dancer and offensive unit I love her (super cute!)

For Hector, that 4x times in a row remind me of Duma when I was drawing for FallenFCorrin but he became manuals instead :joy:

The highest one is L! Marth at +7, then I believe SM! Eirika +4 and a bunch of +2. Special mention to Sue, Fiora and F! Byleth for the three manuals with good fodder.

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I foddered all my Ikes and leave one copy, early game I had a lot of Ikes too!! But no more ss so it’s not on my post lol.
Ikes really likes us… But we… Won’t merge them :joy:
But they do have good skills :sunglasses:

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Lucky!! I try to summon at least one copy on banners I draw but… Luck exclude me, especially the ones in G R E E N S… This is where Myrrh comes from.
Also colourless hell with Nina…

I think my highest “accidental” merge is my Swordhardt, and he’s, what, +3?


I skip most banners because they just don’t have anyone I’m interested in, and 8% banners give far more bang for your Orbs without the risk of random pity breakers. And now trashy seasonal unit reruns are mostly relegated to Double Special Heroes banners which I also skip.

I’ve got a nice healthy Orb stash as a result of this. If the New Heroes on the 20th don’t have anyone I really like (and I highly doubt it will have Felix, my most wanted character at the moment, because we just had a 3H seasonal banner and CYL is coming soon and is also all 3H), I expect to have around 1,000 Orbs again by the end of this month.

Only the base copy and one merge from the manual were intentional.

Pitybreak king pre-New Heroes wipe. Might try a KS3/CC3 build on him since those two exist now.

From when I was trying to finish +10 L!Tiki last time.

It wasn’t until this merge when I actually considered building her up as an AOE nuke spammer. For proof I pulled a fourth one but she gave Rally Up Atk+ to my Seth.

From like two months before her refine. Probably still wouldn’t have bothered seeing as she’s remained a manual since.

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Aw, love Myrrh, great unit to have merged.

My biggest accidental merge is HS!Ryoma (dancer) who I got 6 copies off trying to pull for L!Y!Tiki. I think I ended up getting 2 Tikis and a Kliff along with the Ryomas

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I have these guys as “accidental” merges, the only regrettable one is L!Ryoma who has [Kestrel Stance 2] as valuable fodder…glad L!Ephraim isn’t sharing with L!Julia next month :feh_byleeeth:

And seeing how often L!Lucina blocked me when going after someone else…well, I think it’s best I build her, her character grew on me and she’s pretty :fgo_ereshlove::feh_lucinasmug:.

I also have Zelgius and L!Ephraim at +1 IIRC, but they wouldn’t count as much I guess :feh_maethink:.

Also, the highest manual count of each rarity…the Roys came from a rerun Idoun had in a [Bound Hero Battle] (I swear, @Intelligent_Systems is so dumb at times it’s unveliable :feh_byleeeth:):
Screenshot_2020-07-10-18-23-52-236_com.nintendo.zaba Screenshot_2020-07-10-18-24-03-722_com.nintendo.zaba Screenshot_2020-07-10-18-29-53-500_com.nintendo.zaba


L!Alm’s banner. She was +1 from her debut before (since Beasts were shiny and new at the time). Also word of advice, don’t go +def thing it can work. It’s not worth it.


Me looking at the cyl 2 free units when I first started playing a year ago:

"Hmmm, seems like veronica would be useful without needing any merges or investment and wouldn’t benefit from them much. " chooses her

Me a year later despite never pulling for her again:


Tried going for W!Sothis in the double special heroes banner. My disappointment was immeasurable and my plan was ruined.


All 3 of these Lutes were pity breakers (back before the Book 1 units were removed from the New Heroes/Special heroes banners)


Felt that with Brave Ephraim myself, but uh…


I’m more surprised they’re the only Tellius units you have

Notable mentions I plan on finishing.
+7 Rhajat,Zelgius,Sonia
+4 Minerva (now +5 from the free copy)