Account giveaway


So for fun I made this account and summoned some stuff on it. Now I’m gonna give it away. Hit me with your best FGO memes and it could be yours.


Lol can’t wait to see what people posts.


Nice of you to do a giveaway of a good account. I’m not applying for a chance to get it but can any memes really defeat the padoru memes


That’s a pretty good starter account!! :open_mouth:


That’s a hell of a start for whoever gets it. Though… I don’t envy them the trouble of having to level and ascend them all. Or deciding who to raise first.

Then again, all that trouble will be worth it in the end.


Not really FGO, but more of Fate in general.


to be honest, i’m not sure if i can handle piloting two accounts at the same time<



Don’t know if this counts but I thought it was funny.


Man what a good starter you got, until now in my current account i only have 1 SSR(Ozy). sorry for my bad grammar, coz english isn’t my main language.


I’m just getting started with this game, so I don’t really know enough to meme for you. Been rerolling for days! This would save me a lot of pain and suffering though. :sweat_smile:


I hope this counts… the knights are funny :) The recent chaldea boys banner didn’t give me any SSR Husbando. My only SSR husbando is Cu Alter. Male servants eludes me T_T


Was playing through Extra a few weeks back trying to get ready for Extella Link, I had a laugh and a half when I I got to this screen

Thanks for giving out good starter accounts instead of letting them gather dust, my dude



Classic Feels


I’ll never forgive Musashi.





Sorry, not competing, but had to say:
I laught SO hard when i saw this one now.


Don’t think I’ll need another account, but felt like shitposting