Account help

Can someone please tell me if I transfer my account from device A to device B, can i not transfer back to device A?

There’s no reason why you’d be limited on doing that… As long as you can keep up with your transfer codes it’s no issue.
Though, I’ve heard of problems coming up if you’re constantly switching devices, so try to avoid jumping around a lot.

This was the first time I tried it. Transferred to an emulator just to see if it works but when I try to do an account transfer on my phone now, I enter the code and password ,set the country and then a message pops up saying that this account has been transferred to another device pleasr continue on that device

Update: Had to start a new game and do the transfer after completing tutorial. The transfer worked then

The explanation I saw in another thread when someone had the same problem was that because a new game hasn’t been started on your phone, the data saved on your phone is still from your account. So until you overwrote it with a new game, the app thinks your account is still there in some manner.

If you want to transfer back, you need to keep this in mind:

  1. Transfer codes are one-time use only, after using it once, you need to generate new one
  2. To transfer account back to device that was using it previously, you need to delete game data first, than you will be able to transfer (well it was like this prior to engine update at least - dunno if it was fixed)

The issue is still present. This is the second time someone posted the issue here in the forums.