Account Not Linking (Error 30209)

Hi everyone, I made a quick post about this in the general error code thread, but I’m really stuck and could use some help.

So, my wife is attempting to link her account. She’s been playing a few days and decided she likes the game and wants to keep it. So we attempted to link her account and it always displays “Cannot display this page as you do not have access rights.” Which is already weird. So we tried to open it in a separate webpage that acknowledges what we’re trying to do, but the last step always requires us to open Pokemon Masters to finish the process, and we get hit with that message again, or have to log in from the start again only to get that message anyway.

To make matters even more confusing, if we try to close Masters and do everything from the webpage, it still opens Masters to finalize. Only now when it opens, we get “Error 30209: Relinking to the Nintendo Account that was removed.” No account has ever been added, changed, or removed, so I have no idea what it’s talking about.

And to cap off the confusion, her Nintendo Account acknowledges that it went through, listing Pokemon Masters under “Services authorized to receive this account’s information,” but the app cannot recognize that an account has been linked, so it must not be.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? I’m completely at a loss. There are no other permissions that Pokemon Masters doesn’t have checked off, and the only information about this error code is one video of someone else showing the problem with 0 information about what it is or how to fix it. Since the account isn’t linked, I don’t think deleting the app is wise because it would then just lose all data, and she has paid for the bundle packs, which would remove that money too. Not to mention her progress. I’m just at a complete loss on what to do here and their tech support hasn’t responded to us in the last day. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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:catwave: Definitely do not delete the app until you know for sure that it’s linked to the my Nintendo account.
I know you already tried, but customer support is probably your best bet. Just send another email if you don’t get a response soon.

Take this with a grain of salt because I have no idea if it will work, but if you have an extra device, then download Pokémon masters there and link her my Nintendo account in the beginning. If it transfers all of her account data, then it is safely linked. If it does not link her main account, then delete the new account (delete the save data, not just the app). Then try to link her main account to her my Nintendo account again and see if it works. This should get rid of another existing account which would ideally solve the problem.

If you have a reddit account, it wouldn’t hurt to make a post asking for help there because there are more active players who might be able to help.

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Unfortunately, I have neither an extra device nor a reddit account, but all things to keep in mind. We’ll reach out though the email as well as the in-game support and hopefully we get a response.

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Sorry I couldn’t help, but I hope it gets resolved soon :feh_nini:

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