Account Request Megathread Redone

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This thread is specifically for those who wish to request accounts from others. Please do not expect an immediate response. These things can take time as there are very few people out there who have accounts they want to give out.

If you have an account that you’re giving away to someone on this thread, please state that you’re doing so and when you’ve finalized the transfer(State it in your first message).

If you wish to do a giveaway of your account, please create a new topic and link that topic into this one. Afterwards @ me(EX: Just type @AniCre001) and I’ll unlist it so only those looking through this thread can reach it so it isn’t spamming the rest of the community. When the giveaway is done the thread and link will be removed.

Do not fill this thread with idle chit chat or anything off-topic or you will be removed. Consistent failure to follow this step will result in a minimum of a day mute.

1st edit: If you see anyone not following the ruling of this please @ me instead of creating a flag. It’ll be better this way.

2nd edit: Do NOT continuously ask for an account. One request per week at a minimum. Some or all of your messages may be deleted if you’ve violated this rule.



Looking for a JP account, preferably with Part 1 of the story finished. Don’t need any specific servant, I just don’t want to start the story again from scratch.

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If anyone has da vinci rider or avenger nobu account I’d be really grateful since I lost my account trying to update qooapp and it said it wasnt installed so that was my first mistake and my first account, I tried getting it back on support but I didnt have enough info since it’s been months since I lost it, thanks if anyone is generous enough ;w;

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LF Tamamo no mae account, can be any server. thx

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Anyone here have a NA starter? Gacha salt hit me hard again

Anyone got an Okita alter or Maou Nobu account? Idc how many SSRs it got or story progress. Just want an Okita alter or Maou Nobu.

Looking for an NA account that has tutorial and Fuyuki done.

Not too picky about the servants on the account. Would prefer if SQ from story clears have been kept, but again, not a big deal.


Anyone has a JP account that hasn’t started on Part 2/just finished LB1? Any Servants you have will be fine.

Hello, I am searching a start (or that stills doing singularities missions) account with Skadi JP server. Anyone?

Anyone want to trade a JP account with Dioscuri for a starter NA account with Waver. I know it’s a weird trade but I’m desperate for him.

Story Progression: Early Orleans

SSR’s: Dioscuri level 81/90

SR’s: Zerkalot, Gorgon, Martha, Astolfo

Notable CE’s Volumen Hydrargyrum, A Pilgrimage To The Other Side, 2 Origin Bullets, Ideal Holy King, Imaginary Around, Victor Of The Moon, 3 Imaginary Elements


Anyone have an extra NA account that is not really used that has some leftover sqs and a dantes? Sucks having e rank luck

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Bro, dont request an account with limited time servant. It’s really hard you know to get limited time servant. You must be waitin’ at least a year to summon that servant again. And you still wanna get a free limited servant?

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Anybody have sq account or a starter tamamo caster? Need to burn some boredom due to corona.

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Anyone have a start Gilgamesh account with support or amakusa account

Putting a ruling on the number of times you can ask for an account. No less than a week before your previous message.

Give it time. Not everyone has accounts they don’t use and/or are willing to give out.


I’m looking for a starter NA account (Or Arc 1 at best) provided with, mainly:
-Zhuge Liang
Miyamoto Musashi (Saber)
…My apologies for asking for too much, I would prefer if it’s a one consisting of all them, yet I should be grateful if I happen to come upon the first two servants mentioned.
Stay safe.

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Looking for starter Achilles Account

Anyone got an unused JP account? Preferably already finished some LB chapters. Amount of SSR not necessary

Anyone have a start NA acc with artoria and I wish if it have Zhuge Liang I really want them

Hello, im new to the game (and the fate series, just started fate/zero) and I would really like to start an account on NA with any girl 5* servant (heard the gacha has undesirable rates) and I would really appreciate any spare starter NA account. Thanks!

Edit: tried a 10 summon gacha and the results werent too good :cold_face: