Account Request Megathread Redone

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This thread is specifically for those who wish to request accounts from others. Please do not expect an immediate response. These things can take time as there are very few people out there who have accounts they want to give out.

If you have an account that you’re giving away to someone on this thread, please state that you’re doing so and when you’ve finalized the transfer(State it in your first message).

If you wish to do a giveaway of your account, please create a new topic and link that topic into this one. Afterwards @ me(EX: Just type @AniCre001) and I’ll unlist it so only those looking through this thread can reach it so it isn’t spamming the rest of the community. When the giveaway is done the thread and link will be removed.

Do not fill this thread with idle chit chat or anything off-topic or you will be removed. Consistent failure to follow this step will result in a minimum of a day mute.

EDIT: If you see anyone not following the ruling of this please @ me instead of creating a flag. It’ll be better this way.


Anyone here who has Altria Pendragon (Saber/Lancer) in some of unused accounts?
I really wanted to get one but I never got one even after using tons of SQ’s
If you have any unused account in Global/English app, can I have it? :confused:


Anyone has a Free SQZ account?

(I need to burn some coronavirus frustration…)

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Anyone have account with any SSR but story in babylonia

Looking for a JP account, preferably with Part 1 of the story finished. Don’t need any specific servant, I just don’t want to start the story again from scratch.

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If anyone has da vinci rider or avenger nobu account I’d be really grateful since I lost my account trying to update qooapp and it said it wasnt installed so that was my first mistake and my first account, I tried getting it back on support but I didnt have enough info since it’s been months since I lost it, thanks if anyone is generous enough ;w;

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Anyone with a LB1 account doesnt matter the servants. NA though at the very beginning of LB1


Did anyone have a start account with Archer gil

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Probably not,but does anyone have an account with skadi they don’t need wanted to try out JP version too see how it is.

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i’m looking for a tamamo account. Starter or endgame is fine. I just to do art meme. I can even trade if needed

Jp or na

I prefer NA tbh but i can go with jp