Account Request Megathread Redone

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~PLEASE READ-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

This thread is specifically for those who wish to request accounts from others. Please do not expect an immediate response. These things can take time as there are very few people out there who have accounts they want to give out.

If you have an account that you’re giving away to someone on this thread, please state that you’re doing so and when you’ve finalized the transfer(State it in your first message).

If you wish to do a giveaway of your account, please create a new topic and link that topic into this one. Afterwards @ me(EX: Just type @AniCre001) and I’ll unlist it so only those looking through this thread can reach it so it isn’t spamming the rest of the community. When the giveaway is done the thread and link will be removed.

Do not fill this thread with idle chit chat or anything off-topic or you will be removed. Consistent failure to follow this step will result in a minimum of a day mute.

1st edit: If you see anyone not following the ruling of this please @ me instead of creating a flag. It’ll be better this way.

2nd edit: Do NOT continuously ask for an account. One request per week at a minimum. Some or all of your messages may be deleted if you’ve violated this rule.


In addition these users have also been blacklisted, the quote below will bring you to the message.


Putting a ruling on the number of times you can ask for an account. No less than a week before your previous message.

Give it time. Not everyone has accounts they don’t use and/or are willing to give out.


Heroine-X_07 and AnchorOfTheStorm01 hereby have been banned and put on a blacklist from any form of account requests and trades. Do not trust them. Do not give them any information.



Give it a week before asking again. Both your requests are removed until then.

It seems like multiple people have failed to read multiple of the rulings.


Also please do not flag messages here if they are off-topic or anything like that. @ me instead in this thread so I can take care of it. Other moderators, myself included, will not take action for anything unless it goes against the rules of the site, not the thread.


@Mikazuki21 Trading isn’t allowed on this thread in particular.

Also as an FYI to anyone many comments were deleted(Some of which my own) to clear up space. Please keep on topic.


@auz Requests are only going to be done once a week. Both of yours have been removed and any further ones until a week from now.

@FuuKia As mentioned a couple days ago, you can only request once a week. Both your requests have been removed and any new ones will be removed for a week.


All your requests have been removed and will be removed for two weeks. Do not make multiple requests within a 7 day period. Doesn’t matter how close it is to 7 days you need to wait until that duration is over.

Last warning before you’re permanently removed from the thread.

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To remove a bit of clutter I’ll be purging the majority of the messages in this thread at some point soon. Anything over 3 weeks old will more than likely be removed. Anything older than a month will definitely be removed.

Just a heads up.

Seeing a lot of alts here in a very short amount of time. If you’re only contribution is to ask for requests while under the suspicion of being an alt both the alt and main account will be banned from the thread.

Keep this in mind.

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Due to a large increase in requests further action has been taken to look into users, newer ones especially. There has been a suspiciously large increase in one area in particular during this time. While I’d rather not blacklist on a few of suspicions accounts over a reasoning or two I will not take the risk of these individuals being scammers and/or re-gift/sellers. Therefore these people will be removed from the equation.

These 7 users are hereby blacklisted from the megathread:



In addition to the previous 7 mentioned these two have also been blacklisted.


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All your requests have been and will be removed until a week from now.

You’ve been cutting it really close to the week gap lately anyways. Previous message was a giveaway so not really sure why ya felt like refreshing :v.

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Continue asking for accounts in threads, especially ones multiple years old, will get you terminated from the actual account request thread(This one here).

Be patient or go else where. There will be no in between.


I cannot stress enough that receiving an account from here shouldn’t be something that’s taken lightly. Regardless of progress someone is generous enough to give away an account on here shouldn’t mean that you can do whatever you want with it. Either keep it or don’t accept. Do not hoard or trade it for something else.

Both the users @KidSama16 and @Mashbestkouhai have been blacklisted from the megathread for excessive account claims.

This should go without say, but as usual this will not be disputed.


Oh kidsama took my giveaway account without playing it
Such a waste

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Exactly why this was put into place. Noticed they were taking a couple accounts but didn’t realize how many were taken until recently. At the bare minimum I can at least remove them from this thread permanently.


Since I gave you the account, I’d kindly ask you to return it if you don’t want it anymore.


@Nerolover has been blacklisted from the thread due to accepting multiple accounts.

This shouldn’t be an issue if you’ve gotten what you wanted.