Account Request Megathread

Looking for a starter account? Hoping to take over for a master who has been neglecting their Chaldea? Just don’t want to go through the hell of rolling for just one SSR? If you’re hoping to get an account that already has a semi decent line-up, or if you’re looking to give an account away, this is the thread you’re looking for!

Also, to be perfectly clear, this is for giving accounts away for free. No buying or selling of accounts, sorry!


Didn’t expect to see a thread created for this specifically lol
people will still create one so they get all the attention


Naturally, yes, but now you can direct those users here!


Anyone got an NA starter account? Atleast one SSR and could be any. I’d prefer any one of the following: Raikou, Shuten, MHXA, Nero Bride but like I said any SSR is fine

The only NA starter account i would be interested in would be one with Nitocris Assassin and hopefully with Bathory Brave.

Always dreamed to do all the Singularityes with this odd duo


Hello anybody got a jp endgame account to giveaway? I don’t really care about the servants that it has its just that I have no time nor power to clear all the main quests

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Stop asking

I’ve got an old alt account I’d like to giveaway since I honestly don’t have time to play with it anymore but I want it to go to someone who will actually play it not one of the random bots that seem to show up with these types of things. I made the account to have fun replaying part 1, and I did, so I don’t need it anymore.
Notable units

5 Stars

Nero Bride
King Hassan
Tama Lancer

4 Stars

Kintoki Rider
Scathach Assassin
Ishtar Rider
Lancer Liz
Helena Caster
Caster Gil
Emiya Assassin

All welfares are NP5 with the items necessary to ascend them if they aren’t ascended. I completed part one of the story but didn’t start EOR. Never done this before so I don’t know what else anyone would want to know but if you’re interested just reply. I again will not be choosing anyone who seems to just be trying to get an acct to sell.


@BitNdragon Can i have it please :blush:i really like Hassan and want to solo some quest with him, you can check my profile i’m not a trader or seller

sent you the info :+1: if something doesn’t work let me know

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Thanks! I really appreciate it :smiley:

NP I just wanted someone to get some use out of it :slight_smile: I originally made it to try out the F2P version of completing the main story and see what kinds of challenges I’d face but I got a lot of good servants along the way and felt like it would be a bit of a waste to just let the acct die. Hopefully Gramps serves you well :+1:

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Anyone have spare NA account? I started to play this game in JP because my friend recommends it but i cant understand the story of each modes because of its japanese language. I have to google it myself for the english version and its very time consuming. Any NA account is very much appreciated, i just want with apples because im a grindy person when it comes to games =). Thanks.

Can someone give me fate go acc… its hard to get ssr

i have try many time but still dont get it

Hello, beautiful people! My little brother finally got a phone upgrade which lets him play FGO!! :smile::smile:

You guys have any starter NA account he can use with good Servants? He rerolled three times and got Stheno on all three (talk about RNGesus trolling him).

Thanks in advance!

I have an NA account with an Np2 Summer Alter Rider Artoria. And an emiya i think . Im willing to pass the acct on as i have no need for it. I only have completed fuyuki so yea. Its up to grabs if anyone wants it.

Can i have it?

Yea , Sure np. I also have a Vlad Extra to and 40 apples and 2 sq. Ill give you the acct details in a moment


Transfer Number is B5PwPFe3AU. Password- normandy