Account Request Megathread

Looking for account with angra mainyu that you do not use anymore. Anyone?

Any free accounts that’s on

singularity 3

Has Servants

5 star

Jeanne D’Arc - (Really want)
Okita Souji - (Really want)
Merlin - (Really want)
Jeanne D’Arc Alter - (Am okay with)
Nero Claudius - (Bride) (Am okay with)
Osakabehime - (Am okay with)

4 Stars
Emiya Shirou - (Really Want)
Archer of Inferno - (Really want)
Altria Pendragon (Alter) - (Really want)
Siegfried - (Really want)
Altria Pendragon (Lily) - (Really want)
Medusa (Lancer) - (Really want)
Gilgamesh (Caster) - (Am okay with)

3 Stars
Cu Chulainn - (Have got to have)
Ushiwakamaru - (Have got to have)
Medusa - (Have got to have)

Wow thats too much to have =0

I really want those 4 stars (Really want) and 5 stars (Really want) been trying to pull them for a long time, but no luck at all

Yeah for me i want that account too. But i tried to beg for an account with only 4* Assassin shishou but none gave. Well im not asking to force them. So good luck for you, i think its very hard to get that kind of account , especially with that limited servants. =)

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Anyone got any spare NA account thats at Camelot or Babylon ? I dont need any 4 or 5 star. Just 1 star is enough tbh. I lost my 2 years progress account earlier this year :)

Anyone have a JP account after solomon. I dont care much for servants but just would like one that’s that far. If someone has one they would like to gift to me please PM me

Anyone have NA acc that have Gilgamesh (Archer)/Jalter?
PM me if you have
Thank You in Advance

What’s wrong with the post? I am not breaking any rules just asking for an account

No no just a missclick

You good I deleted it anyways, had no clue I had two of the same thing


There’s a problem i already defeat goetia


this only the servant and the saint quartz not collected in singularity camelot,America and babylonia.


Hello good dude, are you giving away that account ?

Pm me if anyone wants this account, the start dash campaign is finished with no story completed.
Given away.


You still have that acc?

Someone has an acc for NA server??

Happy Thanksgiving thou, Is there anyone else here have spare NA account that have welfares servant… It is just for my friend because he lost his account on the unlimited maintenance works before, let me know :four_leaf_clover: