Account Request Megathread

Im also looking for any accounts someone has to spare. Any sr or ssr is fine. But I’d seriously love any endgame stuff. I just cant take powering through the story all over again.

Anyone have a starter with Ishtar or King Hassan they rolled recently and don’t want?

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I would like a NA starter account with , if possible, Nero Bride, Nitocris Assassin more than NP1 and elizabeth brave np5.

In exchange i can give my secondary account, just look for Lerian project in the forum


Discussion or fluff, probably discussion

I dont mind if you dont have 4 star or 5 star. Hell even if you dont have 3 star i dont mind. Ill just go with bronze servants and it’ll be okay. Its just that the thought of having to start from the beginning is making me lost my will to play. If you made it to atleast camelot it would be okay too… if anyone have any giveaway account i would be grateful :slightly_frowning_face:

30qz & 4* ticket not used but might have already been claimed from the reward box.

JP acc1 gone

JP acc2 gone

PM me.

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I have two JP starter accounts that I rerolled just yesterday. Both have 4* SR Ticket claimed but not used. Also birthdate is not set

  • Account 1 - (SSR) Skadi & (SR) Siegfried, Nursery Rhyme, Anne Bonny Claimed
  • Account 2 - (SSR) Skadi & (SR) Emiya, Astolfo Claimed

PS: There is start dash campaign which will award tons of SQs and Tickets if you login for 14 days

PM me

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I’m looking for a spare starter account that they do not use or play anymore. Or just any account as long as it is a spare and you don’t use it anymore. Any account (NA and JP) is okaay for mee :)

Does anyone have unused NA account? I lost my account yesterday, Anything is fine…, just send it by PM

Giving away this spare JP account that I bought a few months ago and don’t use anymore. Somewhere in Lost Belt. Transfer code is uSE5aTybu2. just pm me for the password
Edit: claimed

Spare NA Account
Transfer code is 2yDBX1Sm85
pass is excaliburned

account already given. Thanks guys for caring !


Anyone here have spare NA account with Sishou? Please want her so bad. My most wanted waifu T.T Even it has no SSR but atleast have Sishou (the 4* Assassin Sishou) . Thank you =).

Hey anyone got an Okita account for NA servers? I don`t mind what condition it is in, I just want an Okita account

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with what?

Gilgamesh archer or First hassan

try to trade my acc, I have 2 SSR tamamo and first hassan with 7 SR, story is in North America, looking for equal one, or someone who interested