Account Request Megathread

this only the servant and the saint quartz not collected in singularity camelot,America and babylonia.


Hello good dude, are you giving away that account ?

Pm me if anyone wants this account, the start dash campaign is finished with no story completed.
Given away.


You still have that acc?

Someone has an acc for NA server??

Happy Thanksgiving thou, Is there anyone else here have spare NA account that have welfares servant… It is just for my friend because he lost his account on the unlimited maintenance works before, let me know :four_leaf_clover:

I’m trading an account with Amakusa and Gilgamesh for a starter with just Okita

I want give me the code

do you still have this one??

Wow I still in 5th singularity, did you really don’t mind?

I just started a fresh account and got lucky enough to roll herc if you want it I’m probably not going to play it.

I really dont need any fancy servant i just wanna skip all the singularity if possible. So if anyone have a spare account that finished goetia or atleast in camelot or something that would be great

I’m looking for an Okita starter I can trade Gilgamesh + Amakusa, or NP2 Ishtar + Altera

Well didn’t expect there’s a thread for this, I kind of want an account too since sometimes waiting for the energy to fill up is a bit boring

Also I have a really bad luck in gacha (literally used about 500+ gems and no SSR, just CE’s and a few SR) so if there’s a good account maybe I’ll make it my main instead of my current account

hello, im pretty new to fgo, and have shit luck in gachas, so if anyone has a spare account with atleast 1 ssr and some sr, id be happy to take it off their hands lol. it doesn’t matter if its jp or na, and place in the story doesn’t either.

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Wrong Thread. Pops. :roll_eyes:

Anyone has NA account with Merlin+ Ishtar/Gilgamesh + Dantes and bd unset endgame? I can trade my 25SSR Quad rin face JP account for it. Its also bd unset.

Anyone still need a giveaway ?

I have 2 JP account with 600+SQ (one with np5 saber astolfo) and 2 NA ishtar account with a few SSR but barely any SQ. Birthday unset

Message me (1 per person)

edit : Just woke up, going through the messages.

edit : no more accounts


can you give me the na account

Does anyone have starter account with emiya that still didnt get the 7th day login bonus