Account Transfer Not Working

So I transferred accounts with a friend temporarily and when he tried to get back into his account he just got stuck in this loop of it asking him if he wants to start a new game. No just closes it and yes sends him back to downloading 720 MB every time. He also uses the APK version if that has anything to do with it. Can anyone help with this?
Update: Everything is fixed now

So transfer numbers are only good for 1 use.

What would happen is:

He creates a transfer code for his account on his device.
You use the transfer code and open the game on your device. That code is now spent and can never be used again.
You create a transfer code for his account on your device.
He opens FGO, but the account has been transferred. So he’d have to select “Yes” on that screen.
Download whatever data is required.
Launch the game.
Now hit “Data Transfer” in the bottom
Enter the transfer code you created on your device for his account

If you didn’t create a transfer number, and don’t have it on your device anymore, he needs to contact Support.

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I did create a new transfer code for him and I gave him the transfer info but for some reason he’s stuck in this loop.

If you’re trying to transfer the same account back to a device it was originally on without having used a different account on that device in the meanwhile, you’ll generally get in to this loop.

I’ve had this happen in the past when transferring my account from my iPad then back again.

The easiest fix is to simply remove the FGO app and reinstall it, then the transfer code will be accepted.